• Why Take Biotechnology  I and II

    These courses are for students interested in Medical Science (physician, forensic scientist, medical lab scientist), Biotechnology (research scientist),  and Biomedical engineering (applications or research engineer). 

    The course will help you understand the difference in these fields and what best fits your skills and interests. The core part of this course is hands-on labs with the molecules of life. Biochemistry is a fundamental knowledge for all life science students. You will take at least three university semesters in the study of theses compounds.

    Here is the link to the "Pre-med course" at Texas A & M. Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and at least on additional upper level chemistry course is required to apply to medical schools in Texas.

    Here is the link to the "Medical Lab Science" degree plan at Tarleton State University. Chemistry 2423 and 4374 are organic and biochemistry.

    Here is the link to the "Forensic Science" degree at North Texas State. This program requires 14 advanced hours in biochemistry.

    Here is a link to the "Biomedical Engineering" page at Texas A&M, Since all engineering majors take the same classes as freshman this is the link to the degree plan starting the second year.

    Here is the link to the "Biotechnology degree plan" page at University of Houston,  it lists the areas of work and core courses for manufacturing and bioinformatics biotechnology.

    All are great careers for students interested in solving problems and working hard. These are not easy majors. Even acceptance to a program is quite competitive.