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  • 89809700 PRINCIPLES OF BIOSCIENCES 1 credit

    Grade: 10-12
    Recommendation: Chemistry

    Principles of Biosciences is a strong reinforcement of Biology content that provides an overview of biotechnology, bioengineering, and related fields. Topics include genetics, cell structure, proteins, nucleic acids, and the impact of immunological events in biotechnology. Students engage in experiments and hands-on activities to reinforce understanding. These activities and experiments introduce the scientific concepts and laboratory techniques currently used in industry. In addition, students develop critical thinking and communication skills by analyzing and presenting
    results. Students further study the increasingly important agricultural, environmental, economic, and political roles of bioenergy and biological remediation. The objectives covered in this course are both academic and technical in nature and are presented in a progressively rigorous manner.

    In Engineering Design and Problem Solving for the Biosciences students explore bioscience engineering using their math, science, and biotechnology backgrounds to solve engineering problems in the life science field. Students engaged in experiments and hands-on activities at least 40% of the time. The engineering design process is introduced and compared to the scientific method. Process control is introduced as a basis for the industrial use of biotechnology.