Miss Joanna Crawford

Phone: 469.948.2827


Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Joanna Crawford

Instructional Technology Facilitator

East & Central Zones Secondary

Serving Hebron HS, Hebron HS 9, & LHS Harmon

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Website: DigitalCrawford

Twitter: @DigitalCrawford 

Office: Hebron HS Room 1595/LHS Harmon Room 1001B

  • Through the proper use of instructional technology, educators accomplish things they only dreamed of in the past. The learning environment is transformed, and students attain new depths of understanding of subject matter. 

    I am here to assist you in learning new tech, a refresher on past learning, and/or as a thinking partner. I’m available to help model technology lessons or to be an extra pair of hands for instructional technology in your classroom. My goal is to help you use the right tool for the right task to elevate standards-based lessons to be more engaging and innovative. The sky’s the limit as we work together one-on-one and in small or large groups.