• Computer Literacy:

    In this full-year course students will learn Windows 7 operating system and file management, technology-related terms, concepts, and data input strategies for various software programs. Students will also effectively identify task requirements, and gather information to create project-based assignments.

    Computer Literacy Advanced:

    This year-long elective is designed to further develop computer and technology skills in the student who already possesses adequate basic computer skills. Students will learn technology-related terms, concepts, and software manipulation strategies. Students who have successfully completed Computer Literacy in the 6th grade can enroll in this advanced course.

    Designing & Building Model Bridges, Cars, & Rockets:

    This 18 week Technology Education course is a project-based and collaborative opportunity to explore different engineering fields. Modules will include introduction to engineering, engineering design, mechanical engineering/simple machines, environmental engineering/solar and wind energy/weather, aeronautical engineering/flight, civil engineering/towers and bridges, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering. Projects will range from using common household items for creative problem-solving to computer simulations for construction activities. This semester-long course is combined with Forensics: CSI & YOU to make a year-long course.

    Forensics: CSI & YOU:

    Forensics: CSI and You is an 18 week survey course that introduces students to forensics and the technology in use today, and helps students differentiate the facts from the fiction seen on TV. Both criminal justice and government service components are included. This semester-long course is combined with Designing & Building Model Bridges, Cars, & Rockets to make a year-long course.


    This is an 18 week course in which the learner covers four major units of study: Foundations, Game Creation Basics 1, Game Creation Basics 2 and Careers. Software and web based programs are used to introduce students to basic computer game creating and career fields within the industry. This semester-long course is combined with Robotics to make a year-long course.


    In this 18 week course the basic concepts of robotics are covered as well as the science behind them. Foundations, History, Basic Robots Creation, and Challenge are the four units of study covered in this semester-long course. An investigation into careers related to the field is included in the Foundations unit. This course is combined with Gaming to make a year-long course.


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