• The links below have videos and games you can watch/play that discuss appropriate ways to use technology.

    Activity 1
    Watch BrainPop (Grades 4-5) free video “Digital Etiquette”
    OR BrainPop, Jr. (Grades K-3) free video “ Internet Safety”

    Activity 2

    Activity 3
    Grades K-3- Print and complete the Activity: http://www.brainpopjr.com/health/relationships/bullying/activity/
    Grades 4-5- Take the "Review Quiz" on "Digital Etiquette" at BrainPop:

    Activity 4
    Watch NetSmartz video, Be Safer Online, and discuss the three rules.

    Activity 5
    Provide opportunity for students to play Net Smartz games such as:
    • UYN:The Internet Safety Game
    • Router's Bone Toss
    • Maze Game
    • Where's Clicky?
    • Clicky's Coloring Book
    • Net Smartz Coloring Book


    Activity 6
    Digital Health and Wellness/Digital Etiquette--Focus: Identifying cyberbullying and ways to stop it.

    Go to: http://learninglab.org/ and 2.Try the Professor Garfield activity on Cyberbullying

    Activity 7
    Digital Health and Wellness/Digital Etiquette--Focus: Applying what we know about cyberbullying prevention to real life situations.

    Go to: http://learninglab.org/ and 3.Apply the Professor Garfield activity on Cyberbullying.