Vacation Request

  • We are happy to consider vacation requests for our families! State law and school guidelines governing attendance require that excused absences pertain to illnesses, medical appointments, funerals of immediate family members, and school sponsored trips. In order to request permission to have make up class work as a result of an absence caused by an obligation OTHER than those listed above, a student must have this form completed and approved prior to the absence. The process of approving this special request absence will include the consideration of attendance in class, grades, and other extenuating circumstances. Absences will not be granted during state mandated assessments. Each student may only be granted 5 days (consecutive/nonconsecutive) per school year. A student must be in attendance 90% of the school year; a planned absence causing a student to be in attendance less than 90% of the school year would be cause to deny this request.

    Please submit the completed form below to our Attendance Clerk, Reshma Deshmukh, for administration approval.

    Pre-Planned Absence Form