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Name Email Title/Position Department Website
Agwu, Christopher agwuc@lisd.net Teacher Fine Arts
Alagood, Bonnie alagoodb@lisd.net Counselor Hm-Mop Counseling 469-948-3115
Alexander, Bessie alexanderb@lisd.net Teacher Social Studies
Allsbrook, Sally allsbrooks@lisd.net Teacher Career and Technology
Andrews, Charles andrewscr@lisd.net Teacher Social Studies
Archbold, Christine archboldc@lisd.net Teacher English
Atkins, Andrew atkinsar@lisd.net Teacher Special Education
Baker, Michael bakermp@lisd.net Teacher Science
Ball, Pamela ballp@lisd.net Teacher Career and Technology
Barclay, Adam barclaya@lisd.net Teacher Special Education
Baxter, Ronald baxterr@lisd.net Teacher Math
Bell, Devan belldevan@lisd.net Teacher Fine Arts
Bender, James benderj@lisd.net FLS/AVLS Aide Special Education
Benson, Christine bensonc@lisd.net BASE Aide Special Education
Bishop, Ida bishopie@lisd.net BIC Aide Special Education
Blair, Lile blairl@lisd.net Attendance Clerk Front Office
Blair, Shanna blairsr@lisd.net Teacher Fine Arts
Bolton, Cheryl boltonc@lisd.net Teacher Math
Boniol, Jennifer boniolj@lisd.net Assistant Principal Administration
Borenstein, Robert borensteinr@lisd.net Teacher Social Studies
Bossert, Caitlin bossertc@lisd.net FLS/AVLS Aide Special Education
Boyle, Elizabeth boylee@lisd.net Teacher Journalism
Braswell, Courtney braswellc@lisd.net Inclusion Aide Special Education
Brooks, Tammye brookst@lisd.net Teacher English
Brown, Karen brownkr@lisd.net Attendance Clerk Front Office