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    What is VLA?

    What is the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)?

    The Virtual Learning Academy or VLA is a Lewisville ISD program that provides online learning opportunities for high school students across the district. There is no charge for a class if taken as a substitute for one or more of the 4 regularly scheduled classes (Inside the School Day) and the class is one that is taught by VLA faculty.


    Common Myths about VLA Online Courses BUSTED!


    How much do VLA online classes cost?

    • For high school students, there is no charge for a class if taken as a substitute for one or more of the 4 regularly scheduled classes (Inside the School Day) and the class is one that is taught by VLA faculty.
    • If you are taking an LISD VLA online class as an additional or 5th class period to supplement your schedule, fees of $50 to $175 per half credit will be assessed based on your lunch plan.
    • Middle school students taking these one of the high school classes to supplement their schedule will also pay a fee of $50 to $175 per half credit based on the student's lunch plan.


    Why take online classes through the Virtual Learning Academy?

    There are many reasons for wanting to take an online class through VLA as part of your high school experience. After surveying our students, VLA online classes during the school year are a great fit for you if you…

    IF YOU...

    • want a more flexible schedule
    • need flexibility to take AP or dual credit classes
    • desire more free time for Arts, CTE, Sports or Special Programs
    • need to recover credits
    • seek a fast-track educational experience beyond the traditional classroom

    THEN...VLA Online classes are for you!


    What about the Teachers? You don't really have teachers do you?

    Yes, we do! VLA Online courses are taught by highly-qualified, Texas-Certified teachers who are specialists in their course content. PLUS, our teachers are also specifically trained and certified to teach their subject online. Don't take our word for it, listen to what our students have to say about VLA.


    What online classes are offered through the Virtual Learning Academy and are they offered on my campus?

    VLA offers nearly 30 online courses covering most core subject areas and some electives. All online courses offered through VLA are available to students on all LISD high school campuses. Middle school students who are accelerating by supplementing their schedule may also take any math class, Art 1, or language class. This means that if you attend an LISD high or middle school, you are eligible to take online courses through VLA as part of your educational journey. Middle School students will need to take the VLA class outside their normal school day and will be paced over a full year for a 1 credit class rather than the accelerated high school pace. Just pick from the list below to start planning your path to graduation.


    English 1, 2, 3, 4, 3AP, 4AP, and Creative Writing


    Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus


    World Geography, World History, US History, AP US History, Government, AP Government, Economics, Psychology, AP Psychology


    American Sign Language 1, 2 and Latin 1, 2


    Art 1, Foundations of Personal Fitness, Professional Communications, Personal Financial Literacy


    Learn More With These FAQ's 

    Here you will find additional information on these questions and much more. You can also reach out to 972-350-1870 or send an email to virtuallearning@lisd.net.


     Next Steps...

    • Contact the VLA office at virtuallearning@lisd.net | 972-350-1870 with any questions you might have.
    • Talk with our counselor (giffordc@lisd.net) and your counselor about how VLA Online classes can work for you.
    • If you are at a Career Center, Talk with the counselor there about how VLA Online classes can help.
    • Explore our website at: https://www.lisd.net/vla
    • Look up VLA course descriptions at the LISD Course Description Guide
    • Register for your VLA Class TODAY for next year during the Course Registration Window.

    All VLA classes have a VTX designation in their course name. Request a VLA class today!


    Course and Program Promos

    The following are short videos to introduce you to some of the courses and programs we offer. You can learn more at https://www.lisd.net/vla

     VLA English Classes  

    VLA AP English Classes


    VLA Spanish Classes [NEW] 


    VLA ASL Classes


    VLA Art 1


     Personal Financial Literacy