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    I’m so excited that your family is a part of Lillie J. Jackson!  As the Music & Movement Teacher, I welcome you to the best early childhood school in Texas.

    Your child’s class will attend Music & Movement every week, as it is a fun and important part of the Lillie Jackson experience.  Every class is full of energetic movement and musical excitement.

    We run, jump, skip, climb, dance sing and laugh.  We will also play with fun equipment like instruments, the parachute, hula-hoops, scarves and more.  There is never a dull moment!!

    I encourage you to talk to your child about the fun things that go on in music & movement every week and share in their excitement.  Use the opportunity to build language!

    I’m looking forward to working with your child this year! Please contact me with any questions you might have. 

    Please make sure that your child is wearing the appropriate shoes to school, especially on their music & movement day.  Flip-flops, sandals and heels are not allowed!  Sneakers are best.  They allow kids to run, jump, climb, skip and gallop throughout the day.  These active movements are a HUGE part of their daily learning.. Girls should ALWAYS wear shorts under dresses and skirts at school!


    Music & Movement Teacher

    Gloria Gould