• The Circle of Friends (COF) is a club composed of students who desire to initiate and develop friendships with peers who have special needs. These students look for opportunities to include their friends in activities and to make a difference in their lives.

    • The Circle of Friends can help you build relationships with peers and gives you the opportunity to make a difference in many lives.

    The mission of Circle of Friends is to provide inclusion for students with disabilities on school campuses by establishing the understanding and acceptance of differences, building genuine friendships, decreasing bullying and making a significant social impact within communities nationwide. (from circlefoffriends.org)

    COF possible activities:

    1. Field Trips
    2. Ice Cream Party
    3. Picnic
    4. Holiday Parties
    5. Crafts
    6. Popcorn parties
    7. End of year celebrations
    8. Karaoke Party

     What responsibilities will you have?

    • Scheduled meetings
    • Simple fundraisers
    • Classroom and lunch interactions with special needs peers

    Want more info on Circle of Friends…Come to room 116 and let's talk!

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