• The McKamy Robotics Club is a place for students with an interest in mechanical engineering and/or computer programming to have fun on a team building a robot for competitions!
    The club competes in First Robotics' First Tech Challenge (FTC)

    Students will typically be on a team of 5-6, filling one or more of the following roles:
    • Builder
    • Designer
    • Programmer
    • Driver
    • Engineering Notebook Manager

    Tuition is predicted to be around $200 for 2022-23.  This money covers the cost of buying parts for each team and pays for the competition entry fees.
    Two parent mentors are required per team. These should be parents/guardians of students that are on the team. These mentors must be registered in the district's volunteer tracking system.
    Time commitment for each team member is about 1-2 hours per week (this may increase to 3-4 hours or more the week before a competition).  Teams will set their own schedules, and their primary meeting place will typically be at the house of one of the team members.  Teams may arrange with Mr. Blalack to use the club's game field after school.  At least one parent mentor must be present at all team practices.
    Each team will attend 2-3 competitions, usually on Saturdays from November to January.  Teams that do well can expect to advance to regional, state, and even national competitions!