• Virtual Schedule


    Please note:

    • Secondary (grades 6-12) virtual learning will be full-day. Students will have a comparable number of classes and lessons in their schedule to a student participating in in-person learning.
    • Secondary virtual learning will include both live lessons (synchronous) and pre-recorded lessons (asynchronous).
    • Students will generally follow a typical school day from start to finish in a virtual environment. Depending on the student and his or her grade, selected coursework and individual needs, the amount of synchronous (virtual face-to-face) versus asynchronous (at your own pace) time may differ student to student.
    • Virtual learning will be significantly different than at-home learning in time and commitment. Students will participate in a minimum of 240 minutes of instructional engagement in a remote asynchronous (at your own pace) model with synchronous (virtual face-to-face) support from a designated virtual teacher. Parents will need to support students as a “Learning Coach” in order to facilitate the self-paced components of the learning. TEA guidance states that the students day should be “loosely equivalent to an on-campus day.