november 18




    We will be focusing on being thankful for all that we have. We will have a different theme for thankfulness each week in November. This week we are focusing on being thankful for our families.



    Upcoming Events:

    11/21 Thanksgiving Feast in the McA Cafeteria- pre-order tickets only this year!

    11/22 TURKEY TROT

    11/25-29 Thanksgiving Holiday





    PLEASE help your child to remember their GUIDED READING book each day!! We share most of these books with our leveled library and need to have them return each day. Did you know that if every child in the group returns their guided reading book with their log initialed by parents, then they each receive a ticket?! Don’t let your group down! 😊

    The kids are granted one “free pass” if they forget their Guided Reading book or their Homework Folder. Several students have already used their free pass this year. After that, their Responsibility sheet is signed for not being prepared and ready for the day.

    Several kiddos said they didn’t have time to read their book that night. I understand we all have busy schedules, but please encourage your child to prioritize their reading each day. This is crucial to their future success and I appreciate your support at home!  😊



    Please leave toys, extra jewelry accessories, Pokemon cards and electronic devices at home. These have been coming out of backpacks at the wrong times during the school day and causing some issues. It also makes it difficult to concentrate when these items are in our backpacks/lockers. There will be times when students CAN bring these things to school for a special reward or for our end of the 9 weeks Responsibility Celebration, but we will let you know when that will be ahead of time. Thanks for understanding!

    I am so excited to continue guided reading with your kiddo! As mentioned at Curriculum night, I will be meeting with your child a couple times a week for guided reading where we will read a book on their level working on our fluency and comprehension. I do not have a set schedule of when I meet with your child's group as I like to keep my groups fluid and pull kids I need when we need to work on specific skills etc. In a typical week, I will meet with most groups at least twice, meaning their will be two days they are coming home with a guided reading book. Some weeks, we may only meet once. (As we are getting started and into our guided reading routine, I may only pull their groups once for the first couple of weeks.) It is super important that the book sent home is read that evening and sent back to school the very next day. Also, be sure to initial your child's Guided Reading log that comes home with the book in the baggie. (shown below) I will sometimes write comments on how your child is doing. Feel free to comment back!
    guided reading
    You will also notice on the HW sheet, there is now a place to check off if your child read a guided reading book that night.  ;)
    Thank you, parents, for helping your child settle in with the homework routine. Thank you for checking off what they complete each night on the homework sheet. Keep in mind, it shouldn't be much for your child to complete each night. Please let me know if your child is having difficulty. Also, next week we will start differentiated math sheets so your child may have a more challenging math sheet or one that is just right on their level. ;)
     Please keep the checklist in the folder and return the folder on Fridays! Please let me know if you have any questions!
    ICE CREAM in the cafeteria
    The word is out about ice cream and as a parent, myself, I wanted to make you all aware. Your child CAN buy ice cream any day of the week, although we say "Ice cream is on Fridays". If your child asks us to go buy ice cream any day of the week, they can. Now, we do encourage them to eat all of their food first or whatever mom/dad packed before they get ice cream. But sometimes they are sneaky and will hide their lunch they haven't eaten so they can get ice cream. But, there is something you can do about it if this is a concern for you. You CAN put a block on their account where they can only buy ice cream on Fridays, or none at all, if that's what you prefer. 

    I’ve told my personal kiddos they can only buy ice cream on Fridays and so far, so good. I haven’t placed a block on their account, but if they abuse our agreement, then I will. ;) 

    As a fellow parent, I wanted to reach out to let you all know. It is disheartening to see how many kids eat very little  of their lunch but all of their ice cream! And as a teacher, I can tell you that the increased sugar right before math time does affect their brain power for the rest of the day. :) 
    If you would like to put restrictions on your child’s account, I found this info on our Child Nutrition Department website:

    Student Meal Accounts & Online Payments

    Parents can load money onto their students’ meal account through three forms of payment – credit/debit card (online), check (online or in person at your child’s school) or cash (in person at your child’s school). Please include student’s name and ID number when submitting payment. Online payments include a percentage-based convenience fee.
    • Any parents that would like to put restrictions on a la carte purchases, please email Ceci Garces atGarcesC@Lisd.net
      There are two restriction options that parents can select from:

      1. Add the a la carteblockfor snacks or any extras, parents will have to give student money when they want them to purchase a la carte.
      2. Add a daily dollar limit on the a la carte. Please refer to the a la carte pricelist located under Menus tab to determine the designated threshold on the LISD Child Nutrition Website in the menu section.
    Hope this helps!
    We will have a daily snack time (around 9:30am) and I would kindly ask that you supply your child with a healthy, dry snack and a water bottle (with a sports top).  Also, I do not have extra snacks on hand if your child doesn't bring one. I had several kiddos, last week, forget their snack and seemed disappointed that I didn't provide them with one. There also isn't a "snack shop" this year like we had last year. Please explain this to your child and hopefully they will remember their snack! Thank you for understanding!


    You will find your child's OCTOBER Reading log stapled inside his/her McAuliffe folder this week. Please record all reading including the title and the minutes read. I love to learn about what my students are reading!


    EPIC! Digital Library

    I will be sending info home this week about a website called Epic! It is a wonderful resource for audio books! And, YES, it can count as your child's 20 minutes of reading.

    If you want to check it out GO HERE! You must enter our class code: vzv7423 

    Each child already has access at school, but you can also use at home. First 30 days are free!



    A copy of the our Word Wall Words for the year is in your child's Homework Folder. As you can see, the words increase in difficulty as the year goes on. Be sure you are helping your child study each week. We will still test on 18 words every 3 weeks and we will not have a spelling and a word wall test on the same day. :) 



    • Homework Folders go home on Monday and will need to return on Friday!


    OUR SPECIALS Schedule:

    Monday- PE

    Tuesday- STEM

    Wednesday- ART

    Thursday- MUSIC


    *Please wear tennis shoes on Mondays and Fridays!



    2nd grade is a great year to encourage responsibility. Please help your child remember to bring their McAuliffe folderplanner and guided reading book, if they have one, every day and Homework folders on Fridays. Thank you, parents, for your support and help in encouraging responsible 2nd graders!

    PLEASE make sure you are helping your child record his/her reading on their reading log! Thank you!

    Also, please have your child use a pencil on the math homework. It's hard to make corrections when the child uses a pen. Thank you!!

    Seesaw APP
    PLEASE be sure to join our Seesaw class for the latest in Parent communication.  I will be using this a great deal for homework and last minute school reminders. This will be a main form of communication about happenings here at McAuliffe. The info was sent home on our first day of school. Simply scan the QR code on the sheet and it will link you to your child's account. Please let me know if you need the information again!
    This is a closed group for our class only. IF you haven't joined yet, please do! Here is a direct link to our group ---> Mrs. MeGown's 2nd Grade 2019-2020 and ask to join group. Feel free to add grandparents too!
    We will have a daily snack time and I would kindly ask that you supply your child with a healthy, dry snack and a water bottle (with a sports top).  
    Please know that I have an open door policy and if you ever need me, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I do my best to be prompt at responding to emails during the school day, but know that if I don’t get back to you right way, I’m teaching and will respond back when time allows. My conference time is 1:00-1:50 and will be able to check email at that time.  If there happens to be a change in after school transportation arrangements and I do not respond to you, I probably have not gotten the message and you will need to contact the OFFICE.  Thank you!!
    Monica MeGown