Tardy Policy

  • Our goal is student success, and we believe students have the best opportunity to achieve this if they are in class on time to receive the entire instruction our teachers have to offer. Students who arrive at school late or who are late to class will receive a tardy. There are no warnings for tardies. Discipline consequences for tardies are outlined below:

    1st - 5th tardies: A detention will be assigned to students when they receive a tardy. Students must serve their detention within 48 hours of receiving the tardy. Failure to serve the detention will result in a discipline assignment to in-school suspension.

    6th - 10th tardies: Students will be assigned to a day of in-school suspension for each additional tardy.

    Students receiving more than 10 tardies will be assigned more serious discipline consequences per the Student Handbook. 


    Attendance and Tardy Quick Reference Guide