• Wednesday 8:30-11:40


    Capacity: Self-Awareness and Creativity

    Unit title: Adveristy


    Vocabulary Test: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

      All students have the words which were shared with them via Google Docs on September 7.

      This can be accessed through a computer, ipad or phone for studying.


    Inspiration: Do you think you are alone with the problems you face? Like you, everyone has problems and some even have a story to tell. This unit will help you explore how others overcome adversity as you learn about yourself.

    In this unit students will:

       * discuss differences between adversity and dilemmas

       * reflect and share personal adversity

       * discuss the question....is all adversity negative?

       * what are possible coping mechanisms for adversity?

          How does this effect your real life?

       * identify adverse situations

       * be able to recognize and appreciate different points of view when dealing with adveristy

       * recognize how they have shown perseverance during tough challenges?

          How have others shows perseverance too?