• I provide guidance curriculum to the students. This means I go into classrooms and present interactive lessons on friendship, feelings, conflict resolution, bullying, decision making, responsible behavior, cross cultural effectiveness, and interpersonal communication. I use games, stories, videos, technology, puppets, and other activities. I visit Kindergarten through 2nd every 3 weeks for 30 minutes each time, I get more in depth with 3rd-5th graders for 45 minutes every 3 weeks, and I also visit with Pre-K classes throughout the year.

    Responsive services are provided by working with students whose concerns or problems might put their academic, personal, or social needs at risk. This category often deals with small groups or individual meetings to address personal conflict, bullying, study skills, attendance, academic success, trauma, suicide ideation, child abuse, or any other need a student might have. This also includes meeting with new students to address any issues they might be experiencing. 

    My time goes to individual planning as well. I work with students on goal setting, identifying and analyzing strengths and weaknesses, recognizing career opportunities and making appropriate life decisions. 
    Lastly I provide, system support, which indirectly benefits students' success and enrichment. This includes consultations with teachers, counselor staff development, program development and management, parent education and consultation, standardized testing, and community relations efforts.
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