• Sight words are a critical part in learning to be a fluent reader.  We will focus on 6 sight words per week and the sudents will be assesed each Friday on spelling and using each word in a sentence.  

    Week 1-----> the, to, and, I, see

     Week 2-----> he, it, of, in, what, said

    Week 3-----> his, that, she, for, on, they

    Week 4-----> all, look, is, her, there, some

    Week 5-----> out, as, be, have, go, we

    Week 6-----> am, then, little, down, do, can

    Week 7-----> could, when, did, what, so, you 

    Week 8 -----> not, were, get, them, like, one

    Week 9------>this, my, would, me, will, yes

    Week 10-----> big, went, are some, if, now

    Week 11------> long, no, came, ask, very, an

    Week 12-----> over, your, its ride, into, just 

    Week 13-----> red, blue, from, good, any, about

    Week 14-----> around, don't, how, know, right, want

    Week 15-----> put, too, got, take, where, every

    Week 16-----> pretty, jump, green, four, away, old

    Week 17-----> by, their, here, saw, call, after