• LISD Dress Code Administrative Rules
    The following guidelines are established as a point of reference for parents, students and 
    administrators in regards to dress. All students must be clean and neatly groomed. The 
    administration reserves the right to determine any inappropriate dress that it feels is 
    disruptive to the school environment.
    •  Hair, by color or design, may not create a distraction to the learning environment. Hair should be primarily a natural color. Non-natural accents such as dye streaks or color strips may be permitted, but may not cover more than 25% of the hair.
    • Students may not wear the following: tongue rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, ear gauges, spacers, facial jewelry such as hoops or rings, or facial decorations. Students may,however, wear one small nose stud. 
    • Caps, hats, sweatbands, bandannas, hair rollers, hair curlers, and other similar hair grooming items, shall not be worn by male or female students in the school building.
    • Students may not wear clothing that advertises by name or symbol any products that are not permitted in schools, including, but not limited to the following: drugs, alcohol, profanity or suggestive slogans, tobacco, obscenity, violence or gangs.
    • Male students may wear long pants of appropriate length or shorts of appropriate length, at or about mid-thigh or longer, at the natural waistline.
    • Female students may wear long pants of appropriate length, skirts or shorts of appropriate length, at or about mid-thigh or longer.
    • Clothing which, in the opinion of the professional staff, would be deemed inappropriate or offensive for school in general, shall not be allowed, including, but not limited to the following: trench coats, mini-skirts, halter or tube tops, split sides, midriffs, bare shoulder tops, see-through clothing, fish net tops, or running/spandex shorts.
    • Yoga pants, leggings and jeggings may be worn if the shirt drapes to mid-thigh in both front and back.
    • All students must wear appropriate, non-visible undergarments.
    • For health reasons, students are required to wear shoes appropriate for the school setting. House shoes or slippers are not appropriate for school. Flip flops are not appropriate for elementary students. 
    • Tattoos must not be visible during the school day.