Registrar's Office

    Welcome to the Registrar's Office (MHS - Room A103)
    **Parents,  If your student(s)  is not returning to Marcus next school year because of a move or transfer,  please let your Registrar know (Room A103).   Terri Bauer for students with the last names (A-L)  469-948-7029 (p)  or Suzanne Huddleston for students with the last names (M-Z) 469-948-7028 (p). 
    Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:55AM to 3:55PM.

    Student’s with the last names A-L, please contact Terri Bauer (p) 469-948-7029 or email (

    Student’s with the last names M-Z, please contact Suzanne Huddleston (p) 469-948-7028 or email (

    New Students
    If your family or student have plans to move to the LISD school district, please see the New Student Check list for registration. For questions regarding registration you may contact the registrar's listed above.
    New student checklist (all items are required for registration):

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Verification of residence (i.e. settlement statement, lease agreement OR most current gas, water or electric bill. Name and address must be included.) Follow up with 1st utility bill on settlement statement or lease agreement is required.
    4. Immunization records current with the state of Texas
    LISD Immunization Information (Required for Registration)
    5. Unofficial transcript from previous school
    6. Students transferring after school has begun must have a withdrawal slip from their previous school.
    7. Student must be registered by their legal parent or guardian with whom the student resides. The parent or guardian must provide photo ID.
    8. IF PARENTS ARE DIVORCED OR SEPARATED documents with the most current child custody information must be provided. In addition, a letter from the non-residential parent stating they are aware the student is being enrolled at Marcus HS.
    9. IF YOU ARE RESIDING WITH ANOTHER PERSON the primary resident must go with you to the LISD Student Services. They must provide proof of residency (See #3). Student Services is located at 1565-C W. Main St. Lewisville. For additional information please contact them at (469) 713-5206.
    10. IF THE STUDENT ATTENDED A PRIVATE SCHOOL we need ALL accreditation information. You should be able to get this information from the school.
    11. IF YOU ARE COMING FROM A FOREIGN COUNTRY the student MUST have immunizations (See #4) and a current tuberculosis test before they are able to register. This test must have been administered within the last 2-3 months prior to enrollment. Without proof of this test the student's start date will be delayed. For information on receiving this test please contact the Denton County Health Department at (972) 420-1960.
    12. IF THE STUDENT HAS BEEN HOME SCHOOLED all immunizations must be current prior to enrollment.

    Marcus High School Enrollment/Withdraw Procedures

    All paperwork must be completed by 10 a.m. for students to start that day due to the Daily Attendance count.
    Any student arriving after 10 a.m. may pick up paperwork to complete, with correct proof of residency, for starting school the following day.
    Procedure to withdraw from Marcus:
    1. Plan ahead for all withdrawals (time required approximately one hour)
    2. Legal Parent/Guardian signature required on all withdrawals
    3. All books, iPad, and accessories (charger, adapter, cover), fee's and students' school ID (any items that belong to LISD) must be returned for clearance
    4. NO withdrawals after 1:30 p.m.

    Information Change Requests


Transcript Information

  • If you are a current LISD student, you can find your unofficial transcript in your Skyward Student Portfolio.

    Official transcripts cannot be given to students or parents directly. All official transcripts must be sent directly to the educational institution.

    ACT, SAT or AP scores are not included on the transcript. Those need to be requested through College Board or ACT for your scores to be sent.

    Official transcripts include EOC results.

    Please request your transcripts up to two weeks prior to any deadline. Requests are processed as quickly as possible.