For Teachers

  • We hope you will find this information helpful as you and your students use our library media center resources. We look forward to working with you to correlate library activities with your classroom instruction. Please let us know how we can help you. We are here to serve you and your students. 

    The HHS library is open from 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Teachers should inform us if the library is needed beyond these times. We appreciate 24 hours notice if possible. Any library usage beyond the school day must be scheduled through the principal's secretary. If the library is closed, (class usage, testing, etc.) notices will be posted on the front library doors. 

    All students unaccompanied by a teacher must have a pass.

    Books circulate for two weeks. 

    It is the student’s responsibility to return materials on time. Fines will be charged for damaged, destroyed, or lost items. Fines for damaged materials will be assessed by the librarians. Students will be charged replacement cost of lost or destroyed items. 

    Most A. V. equipment, including LCD (multimedia) projectors and DVD players will circulate on a daily basis. Teachers are asked to return the equipment by 4:00. If a teacher plans to use the material for more than one day, he/she may keep it overnight provided it is kept secure in an office or workroom. Teachers should return the equipment to the library as soon as possible after use. OSHA Safety Regulations DO NOT permit students to move equipment. Librarians will gladly provide training on any unfamiliar equipment. For a complete list of audio-visual equipment, click here. 

    Teachers who wish to have materials laminated may leave them on the cart beside the laminator. Each item should be labeled with the teacher's name and room number. 

    Teachers may check out audiovisual materials on a daily basis. AV materials are available for checkout to all teachers but not to students. Materials used in the classroom must support the curriculum and comply with copyright laws (see Copyright Policy).

    Scheduling Classes for Library Research 

    The librarians suggest that all freshmen/sophomores be brought to the library sometime during the first semester for an orientation program. The librarians will happily modify the orientation to meet the needs of the teacher and the curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to schedule classes in advance. Please be aware that while there are three classrooms in the HHS library, there is only one librarian. Teachers are encouraged to meet with a librarian to see that appropriate and sufficient materials are available for the assigned lesson. 

    Teachers should send no more than four students from a classroom on individual passes. Individual students needing to use the computers for assigned research will be accommodated on a first come-first served basis. If a teacher has reserved library computers, they will be given priority over "drop in" students. 


    It is mandatory that teachers comply with United States copyright law. Violation of the code can result in serious fines (up to $250,000 per infringement plus court costs), loss of teaching credentials, and even incarceration. Ignorance of the law is no excuse! Copyright extends not only to printed materials, but to videos, computer software, dance, sculpture, and even recipes. The material does not need to display a copyright to be protected; copyright is granted to a creator's work the moment that it exists in tangible form. 

    Copyright does not extend to works that are in the public domain. These items may be freely displayed, copied, or distributed. Works enter the public domain when the creator chooses not to claim the right of copyright (e.g. "shareware" computer software) or when a copyright expires. (Copyright expiration is determined by the copyright law that was in effect when the work was created.) 

    Copyright gives the creator the right of reproduction, adaptation, distribution, public performance, and public display. However, "fair use" does permit teachers and students some access to works. According to Section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law, the concept of "fair use" is determined by; 
    The purpose and character of the use, including whether it is for nonprofit educational purposes; 
    The nature of the copyrighted work; 
    The amount of the work used in relation to the whole work; and 
    The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. This is the most important factor. For example, if a teacher photocopied pages from a consumable workbook in order to avoid having to purchase copies of the workbook, then the copyright law has been violated. 

    Student Library Information 

    Students may come to the library on their own before school or after school. Students entering the library between 7:00-8:15 a.m. must use the entrance near the cafeteria. 
    Students are welcome to come to the library during the school day with a pass from their teacher. 
    Students are welcome to work quietly, read books or magazines, or do school-related work on the computers. 

    Students log on with their own user name (last initial, first initial, ID number) and password. Passwords are set by students and must be 5-8 letters or numbers. When the "Do you want to change your password" prompt appears, the answer must always be YES! The password must be changed to something that has not been used before! 

    Print work may be picked up at the Circulation Desk. The first ten pages of b/w print are free. Each additional page costs 5 cents per page. Color printing costs 50 cents per page. 

    Students are welcome to suggest books that they would like to read that are not a part of the collection. If possible, the books will be placed on the next book order!