Questions & Answers

  • Q: What are the changes to Physics?

    A: The only change to Pre-AP course offerings is happening in Physics, as a result of the following change from the College Board.

    According to information from the College Board website, starting in the 2014-15 school year, AP Physics B will be replaced with two new courses: AP Physics I and AP Physics II. Unlike AP Physics B, which recommended a prior high school physics course, no prior coursework in physics is needed for students to enroll in AP Physics I. Completion of AP Physics I will be a requirement for entry into AP Physics II.  

    Since AP Physics B required a pre-requisite high school physics course, LISD responded to that College Board requirement by creating a Pre-AP physics course, now that there is no physics pre-requisite required by College Board for AP Physics I, this course can serve the role the Pre-AP course served. Additionally, there are commonalities in the content of physics that was covered in PreAP Physics and what will be expected in AP Physics I.  

    It is important to note, from the College Board website, that “the College Board does not officially endorse locally designed courses labeled "Pre-AP". Courses labeled "Pre-AP" that inappropriately restrict access to AP and other college-level work are inconsistent with the fundamental purpose of the Pre-AP initiatives of the College Board.”  Therefore when an AP course is created by the College Board that overlaps with the locally designed PreAP course, it is most important to implement the College Board authorized AP coursework.


    Q: Is Latin offered for 10th grade?

    A: Yes


    Q: Are elective courses figured into the GPA?

    A: Only grades in the areas of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Languages Other Than English, Advanced Placement and ACDEC will be used for calculating the GPA. On the Course Preference Card, the GPA classes are in bold font. In the Course Description Guide, all GPA classes are indicated as such.


    Q: Are external courses, either online or instructor led, counted toward GPA?

    A: The following courses count in the GPA: Online classes, correspondence classes and dual-credit classes.