2019-20 Registration Information

  • All Students will receive their registration packet on Wednesday, January 23rd during Jag Time

    All registration materials are due to your advisory teacher on Wed., January 30th, 2019. 

    Important Registration Tips 2019-20 

    Senior Course Card 2019-20 ; Junior Course Card 2019-20 ; Sophomore Course Card 2019-20 ; Dual Credit Course Card 2019-20 ; Career Center Course Card 2019-20

    Registration Power Point 2019-20 - Click on the link listen to the voice over power point that was presented to the students today during Jag time.

    PLEASE REMEMBER:  Take this process very seriously! CHOOSE YOUR COURSES WISELY. STAFFING is based on your course selections.  ALL registration materials are due to your advisory teacher on Wednesday, 1/30/2019.

    Use your Course Preference Card to make your course selections for next year. Then use the card to transfer your course selections to Skyward registration online.  Remember you can only select courses that you see on your specific Course Preference Card for your grade level.

    CHOOSE ALTERNATE COURSES!YOU MUST CHOOSE A MINIMUM OF FOUR CREDITS OF ALTERNATE COURSES on your card and in Skyward before you can submit and turn it in! DO NOT choose a Career Center course as an alternate!  

    It is NOTpossible to choose between fall/spring classes. It is NOTpossible to request a teacher.

    IF you do not plan to attend FMHS next year, please complete a registration card, just in case.

    Courses that are in the Course Description Guide, but NOT on your Course Preference Card, are either not available on the FMHS campus OR not available at your grade level. 


    • Foreign Language should be taken back to back. Foreign Languages DO count in your GPA. Computer Science 1 and 2 WILL count in your GPA.
    • PAP/AP ENGLISH and some other PAP/AP classes require a summer project. Check with your subject teacher for more information.
    • Drill Team, Cheerleading, and External P.E. are NOT on the Course Request Card. Choose a full course load and indicate on both the Course Preference card what classes you will drop if you are chosen for one of these programs.
    • All students are required to take Art 1 before taking higher-level Art classes. All Art 3 and 4 classes require an ART teacher’s signature.
    • Students taking any AP Science courses,please note the 9-week trailer course called AP Test Prep is a LOCAL credit course and does not count in the GPA or for the 26 state credits needed for graduation.
    • SENIORS, an Early Graduation Form is required if you hope to be an October, Midyear, or March grad.
    • The following classes REQUIRE AN APPLICATIONor signature:
    • Chemistry AP (sophomores only) – Mr. Dalak (Room 2575)
    • All Yearbook classes – Ms. Marie Jones (Room 1210)
      • Ready, Set, Teach (Instructional Prac. In Education) – Ms. Bell (Room 1495)
      • CO-OP (Prac. in Marketing Dynamics) – Ms. Brown (Room 1455)
      • Student Council – Ms. Owens (Room 2400)


    • Early Grad Application 2019-20
    • Advanced Journalism Application 2019-20
    • Practicum in Marketing Application  2019-20
      • Incoming Juniors and Seniors can enroll in Practicum in Marketing.
      • Students in this course must have a job and be working by the beginning of August.
      • Students also have class time were employability skills and marketing concepts are developed and learned.
      • This is a full year course earning the student four credits.
      • Course meeting dates and times are accommodating to working because of early release Mon., Wed. & Fri.
    • Ready Set Teach Application - Instructional Practices in Education and Training Program 2019-20

    LISD Course Description Guide: 


    Quick link to review Foundation Graduation Plan Foundation Plan 


    Course Verifications will be distributed to all students in April. Any correction of requests can be made with a parent signature, on the verification form.  In August corrections will be made for one of the following reasons ONLY:

    1. An error, such as a repeat class, two classes in same period, shortage of classes, sequencing problems or rescheduling failed classes.
    2. Level change to move into or out of a PAP/AP class before the first day of class in August, otherwise you are there for at least 3 weeks once class starts.
    3. Placement issues, such as change of sport or not making a team.


    ALL PAP/APclasses require agreeing to the specific requirements of the PAP/AP program.  Please read the information that is part of your registration packet.  If you select a PAP/AP course you are agreeing to the requirements when you complete the registration process with parent and student signatures.

    Policy for 2019-2020 level changes from a PAP/AP to regular class:

    Level changes will NOT be made before the 3-week grading period. At the end of 3 weeks, the following criteria must be met.

    1. Parent, student, teacher conference has been conducted.
    2. Student grade is below a 75. (This grade will transfer to the regular level class).
    3. There is room available in the regular class. CHOOSE WISELY 



    courses are listed on a separate sheet inside your packet. Please attach the Career Center card to your Request Card only IF you select a Career Center class. 




    DualCredit applies to courses taken through a community college and when successfully completed a student can receive both high school and college credit.  LISD has an agreement with NCTC to offer some courses for dual credit. There is a fee associated with these courses. Dual Credit courses (English, math, science and social studies) count toward GPA and Rank in Class. Please attach the Dual Credit card to your Request Card only IF you select a Dual Credit class. 



    Virtual Learning Academy/blendED information - Click on the link for more information

    ONLINE COURSES Online courses are options offered through our district Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) or through Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN).  To learn more about the many course offerings please visit the LISD website/Students/Virtual Learning Network.  There is a fee associated with these courses. Online courses (English, math, science, social studies, world languages and AP) count toward GPA and Rank in Class.  There are several new offerings this year.  There is a fee for taking these courses. 

    BLENDED COURSES Blended courses are taught on campus for two to three days a week with other work completed at home as an online course.  This is very similar to how many college courses that are taught online.


    REMEMBER,when looking at the Course Preference Card:

    • Courses with bold, all caps, and an * DO countin the GPA.
    • LC (local credit) means it does NOTcount towards your 26 required graduation credits.
    • 9-week courses are listed separately from 18-week courses. TWO 9-week courses are needed to equal one full credit.
    • Please REMEMBER to count to 8.
    • Please include both student’s cell phone number and emailon the registration card.


    Skyward Student Online Course Request Instructions

    Students will log in to their Skyward Access and to select their courses. If interested in an online VLA/TxVSN course there is a separate application in Skyward. For dual credit courses not offered on campus you will apply directly through NCTC. Please use the Dual Credit Course card to select and indicate any dual credit courses you plan to take.


    • If a course has a prerequisite, you must have completed, or be scheduled in the required course before you will be able to select the next course. Example: You must either have completed, or be currently in Algebra 1 before you can select Geometry.
    • If you select a course for which you have not met the prerequisite, you will see a message that states “The selected course(s) has pre-requisites that have not been met: WDHIS”   at the bottom left of the window.
    • Some courses have a co-requisite (courses you must take together). When prompted to also select the co-requisite course, you must check OK.
    1. Log into Skyward Student Access
    2. Click on the Schedule link in the left menu and the student’s schedule window will open.
    3. In the Student Schedule window, click the link to “Request Courses for 2019-2020” in the upper right of the window.
    4. The available courses are listed in the left pane. You can scroll through to view all courses, or you can type in the course number in the bottom search field to find a particular course.
    5. To select a course, click on the course so it is highlightedand click the Add Course button. This will move the course to the Selected Courses window on the right.
    6. Continue this same process until you have selected all of your courses.
    7. To remove a course that you have requested, click on the course in the Selected Courses pane and click the Remove Courses button.
    8. To select Alternate courses, click on the Request Alternates tab and use the same process. You must choose a minimum of four alternates.  Please provide both 18-week alternates and 9-week alternates.
    9. Once the Alternate courses are requested, you can click and drag to move them in the order of preference.
    10. When you have completed all request and alternate requests, click the Print Icon in the top right corner of the screen to print out a paper copy of your requested courses.


    You cannot request a course:

    • For which a pre-requisite has not been met
    • You have previously taken and passed the course.


    In either of these cases, you will see a red note in the bottom left of the window.


    The total requested courses will be shown at the top of the right pane.  You should have selected 8 credits of courses and 4 credits of alternates.



    Course Information