Student Enrollment


    To enroll a 10th, 11th or 12th grade student, please call 469-948-3400 to set up an appointment to meet with the registrar and your student's counselor.
    If you have a 9th grade student please call the registrar at FM9 at 972-219-6109.
    For students who have NEVER attended ANY school in LISD:
    For students who have previously attended LISD or for families that have current students attending and are now enrolling a student new to LISD:
    For Everyone:
    Immunization information: 
    Immunizations are required to be current before enrollment.
    *Please note, there may be additional forms to complete at your time of appointment.

    New Student Checklist
    All items are required for registration
    1. Verification of residence: Gas, Electricity or Water (if you are too new to the area to have received a utility bill, you may contact the city of Flower Mound 972-874-6010 to get certificate verifying utility connection). If your residence is leased and you do not pay for utilities, then a copy of a lease will be approved.
    2. YOU MAY ONLY ENROLL WITH A CONTRACT OF SALES ON A RESIDENCE IF THE CLOSING DATE IS WITHIN THE FIRST 6 WEEKS OF SCHOOL. LISD approval will be necessary after that. LISD Student Service phone is 469-713-5206. If they grant approval, they will notify FMHS Registrars office and/or give you the appropriate approval paperwork. If you reside outside of LISD in temporary corporate housing, you must get LISD approval in order to enroll.
    3. Students must be registered by their legal parent/guardian with whom the student resides. Parent/Guardians must provide Photo ID.
    4. Social Security Card.
    5. Birth Certificate or passport.
    6. Immunization Records current with the state of Texas. Please go to the Texas Immunization Website for more information.
    7. Unofficial Transcript from previous school.
    8. Students transferring after school has begun must have a withdrawal slip from their previous school.
    9. Freshman students must provide a final 8th grade report card verifying promotion to the 9th grade.
    10. IF PARENTS ARE DIVORCED OR SEPARATED, documents with the most current child custody information must be provided. 
    11. IF YOU ARE RESIDING WITH ANOTHER PERSON, the primary resident must go with you to LISD Student Services. They must provide proof of residency (utility bill). Student Services is located at 400 West Main St., Lewisville. For additional information, please contact them at 469-713-5206.
    12. IF THE STUDENT ATTENDED A PRIVATE SCHOOL, we need all accreditation information. You should be able to get this information from the school principal.
    13. IF YOU ARE COMING FROM A FOREIGN COUNTRY, with the exception of Canada, Australia,New Zealand, and Western Europe,the student MUST have a current tuberculosis test before they are able to register. This test must have been administered within the last 2-3 months prior to enrollment. Without proof of this test, the student’s start date will be delayed. For information on receiving this test, please contact the Denton County Health Department at (972) 434-4700.
    14. IF THE STUDENT HAS BEEN HOME SCHOOLED, all immunizations must be current. Home Schooled students must have utilized an accredited curriculum. If the curriculum is not accredited, the student may have to take exams to obtain credit. 
    *Please note, if the above information is not complete, enrollment will be delayed until all inofrmation is provided.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar: Julie Spruce (A-LED) 469-948-3463 or Susan Childers (LEE-Z) 469-948-3531