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    Our Journey Begins: YEAR ONE

    2014-2015 school year:

    Our school is just beginning as a Leader in Me school based on work by Stephen Covey. We began our school’s journey by visiting other buildings and talking to staff members who were in the process of becoming a Leader in Me school.  We began devoting staff development time to research, talked about the vision of our school and this program, and began some future planning for our own school. We came in the summer on our own time, to be trained by a Franklin Covey facilitator.  Several staff members even began to implement the 7 habits with their students before the school-wide introduction.  We immediately felt a positive impact on the learning and social environment.  Our teachers and support staff have shown overwhelming volunteerism this summer by volunteering their time to research, read, and attend trainings.  Our work is evidence that school improvement is not the result of one person's vision.  In its truest form, our school improvement efforts have shown the power of teacher leadership and administration having a shared purpose and vision.  College Street’s becoming a Leader in Me school is the collective responsibility and continuing endeavor of an entire staff who is committed to personal change, professional growth, and motivating students and their families toward a better, brighter future where everyone can demonstrate their unique leadership skills!  Our hope is by creating a common language and expectation both at school and home, each child will have greater understanding of what these habits are and how they apply to their lives. Additionally, we hope families will enjoy utilizing this powerful tool. These timeless concepts are proven and successful for adults throughout the world and we want to support your family in finding the value in the Habits as well. 

    See our transformation and growth, and join us as we LEAD.

    Check out our  Victory Bell

    "The Leader in Me", a process designed to nurture leadership skills in students and adults, has been customized to transform teaching and learning at College Street Elementary School.

    Centered around the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, The Leader in Me allows teachers to guide students as they find their strengths and what makes them special. (Belief 1) Incorporated into every aspect of the curriculum, The Leader in Me has allowed students to make the paradigm shift from feeling that they don’t matter to feeling that they have hope and can contribute in their home, school, and community. (Goal 1)

    True Leader Rap

    College Street Elementary Honors Community

    Holiday Luncheon is a Tradition of More Than 30 Years

    College Street Elementary held its annual “Home for the Holidays” luncheon – a 30-plus year tradition – on Dec. 4 to honor community leaders, former educators and senior citizens.

    Special guests included Lewisville ISD (LISD) Board of Trustees members Angie Cox and Kristi Hassett, former LISD Superintendent and CSE Principal Dr. Clayton Downing and former LISD administrator Marshall Durham.

    “The ‘Home for the Holidays’ luncheon is a long-standing tradition where we welcome and honor community members who have had a part in what College Street Elementary is today,” CSE Principal Susan Heintzman said. “Our students and staff love meeting all the guests, as well as performing an entertaining program.”

    The CSE Student Council hosted the event, greeting guests at the front doors and serving food and drinks, while Speech Club students spoke about the "Leader in Me" program. The 3rd grade presented their "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane" production, which was directed by Music Teacher Marissa Rick and 3rd grade teachers Diana Chong and Melissa Head.

    The entire cafeteria was decorated in a holiday theme from homemade signs and decorations on the stage to student-designed placemats and beautiful poinsettias on the tables.

    “This is a very special event because it is a great way to give back to the community,” said 5th grader Anayely Martiniez, who has participated three straight years. “My favorite parts are getting to greet, meet and serve them.” 

    Added 5th grader Michael Roberts, who was also involved for the third time: “I look forward to meeting new people every year. It is also really fun because when I grow up I want to be a waiter and eventually a chef.”

    Guests walked away pleased and were already looking forward to next year.

    “The students are great and I love seeing people who were here when I was here,” said Downing, who was principal in 1971-1972. “It’s always enjoyable for my wife Wanda and I.”


    A Successful Leadership Night at College Street Elementary

    On May 14th, College Street Elementary celebrated the student and staff leadership on their campus by spotlighting some of their strengths and talents.The evening, which was attended by over 200 people and 100 College Street families, began by speech club students sharing what leadership and the 7 habits mean to them, which was followed by various student performances. The dance club showcased the 7 habits of highly effective people by performing a “stomp” routine, the recorder club showed their talents by performing 3 wonderful pieces, various K-5 student leaders played the 7 musical habits on instruments, and the performance ended with all parents, families, students, and faculty reciting the College Street Pledge together. 
    After the performance, families were able to visit different parts of the building to learn more about our leadership. Student event greeters shared about the school victory bell and attendance goal tracking, student club leaders showcased how they sharpen the saw during clubs each Friday with a club trifold in the library, Ms. Loyd and Ms. Murphy assisted families in synergizing to create a beautiful art piece, and CSE families and staff sharpened the saw together by enjoying snow cones provided by our PTA. College Street looks forward to creating a tradition in hosting an annual Leadership event every year. This was only the beginning of spreading our message that College Street Elementary is where the road to leadership begins!
     Click here to see photos from the event.

    College Street was awarded the LISD Elementary Model Character Award for growing leaders every day!

     Our Journey Continues: YEAR TWO

    2015-2016 school year:

    Welcome back to another great year! The vision of College Street Elementary is “A welcoming community where individual strengths are valued and EVERYONE feels empowered to be positive leaders.” We begin this year excited to continue our journey as a Leader in Me school. Last year, our staff and students learned the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and how to use them in our daily lives. In addition, we had some of our families participate in the “7 Habits of Happy Families” training. Looking ahead, we plan to go deeper in our understanding of the habits and how they help us live rewarding and successful lives. I encourage our families to take advantage of the parent training again this year so that we can be partners in the education of our students. The word “EVERYONE” encompasses students, staff, parents and community. Thank you in advance for believing in our vision and supporting our program!

    This year, we will also continue our focus on meeting the academic needs of each individual student. We know that working together with parents and the community will have a powerful impact on our students’ academic success. I am excited to begin my third year as principal at College Street and look forward to continuing our momentum of increasing student learning one child at a time. Our new motto is “College Street Elementary…Where the Road to Leadership Begins.” We are confident that our students are becoming leaders now and will be in the future!
    Mrs. Heintzman

    Check out AWESOME examples of TLIM implementaiton going on on campus with scoreboards, leadership roles, and much more! Check out this link to see!



    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    by Rachel Garrett

    TLIM: A Crockpot

    s I am sitting, at the back of the College Street Elementary library on a Tuesday night at 7:30 PM watching three of our teacher leaders facilitate a session with parents on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families, I flash back to a moment almost exactly 2 years ago. On an October day, I sat in my office with our new principal, Susan Heintzman, and a few of our teacher leaders with a Leader in Me Sales Rep. He said a lot during that meeting to try to “sell” The Leader in Me program to us. He knew that he was speaking to administrators and teachers from a campus with a high number of office referrals, a high absenteeism rate, and struggling scores on the state assessments. Oh boy, what we wouldn’t give for a “magical” program to come fix all of our problems… While I don’t remember most of what he said, there was one thing that did stick with me. The rep shared the data-based results that Leader in Me schools had experienced in relation to behavior, attendance, and academics; but he also cautioned us that The Leader in Me was not a “microwave”, but rather, “a crockpot.” The Leader in Me, he said, takes time and if done “low and slow”, will have a wonderful result.

    At that time, what I took away from the “Crockpot” analogy was that we were NOT to expect results overnight. Those who know me well know that being patient and waiting for results does not come easily to me. In fact, one of my top 5 strengths based on the Strengths Finder is “Activator”, meaning, I see something that needs to be done or a problem that needs to solved and would rather take action than sit around and analyze the decision. It is a good thing that Mrs. Heintzman, our principal, is analytical and thoughtful and is usually able to pull me off of the ledge before I take action too quickly :). Because of this trait of mine, after we “pulled the trigger” and started our LIM journey, I expected that after at least 1 year of TLIM implementation, we would see at some results. I wanted results! And I wanted results BADLY! I was quite disappointed at the beginning of the 1st 9 weeks last fall to see that our number of office referrals, absence occurrences, and academic data had stayed stagnate. In fact, saying I was quite disappointed was probably an understatement. I had witnessed the hard work and dedication of our staff and students and wanted SO badly to have seen that “it worked” to solve our problems and to share that victory with them. I remember saying to Mrs. Heintzman many times, “What are we missing? What else can we be doing?” and seeing her wait patiently.  We kept working hard and I just kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting to see the results. I finally decided that we were doing everything we could in our power and that I needed to stop watching the “crockpot” timer and just keeping working.

    This evening, the timer went off… Because the 9 weeks is about to end, I pulled data for discipline, attendance, and reading scores. This is what I discovered:



    End of 1st 9 weeks 2014/2015

    End of 1st 9 weeks 2015/2016

    Discipline # of Occurrences



    Students with 4 or more absences



    iStation Tier 3 (struggling readers)



    I sat in the back of the room, almost crying tears of joy (actually, I did a little but no one saw), listening to our teachers and parents dialogue in a conversation about how to lead their families to be more successful. I heard one grandparent thank a teacher and the school for teaching her grandson the habits and for always listening to him and supporting him. I heard parents share the way they have seen their children transform at home. I listened to these small victories in the background while staring at this data. That is when I realized that while the timer hadn’t gone off until I saw this data today, things were slowly cooking and marinating the whole time, I was just focusing on the final product instead of enjoying the cooking process.

    I originally thought that the slow-cooker analogy just meant we needed to give it time and not expect results overnight. Now, I have deepened my thinking about why treating school reform like a crock-pot (being proactive and following a plan) is WAY better than the microwave method- Just like using a microwave to cook food may be fast and produce food that is edible, the food has gone rubbery, isn’t full of flavor, and you weren’t able to get anything worthwhile done during the cooking process. A school program put into place quickly then walked away from results in just that, a program without much result other than dull and impactless program.

    A crockpot/ slow-cooker, on the other hand, takes time. During the time it is cooking, you can walk away and work on things of high importance. In fact, this cooking method gives you more time since you don’t have to take time to actually cook. When the timer goes off, what you find is tender and flavorful and is meant to be enjoyed around a dinner table with your family. Not only that, but you were able to enjoy the time that the meal was being cook by focusing on things of high importance. This is The Leader in Me. If you put thought into the flavorful ingredients that are placed into the crockpot (pick the right staff and select the right initiatives), stop listening to the “Activator” inside of yourself and instead use the “cooking” time to plan, prioritize, work, and enjoy school initiatives, you will find yourself with a solid, positive, effective, and student-centered school with the results and happiness to show it. It may take more time, but it is worth it!

    I showed the above data to one of our teacher leaders this evening during a break and his response was, “I have been seeing this trend in my classroom. Now the question is, what next?” I love that he knew that even though the crockpot timer went off to show the wonderful results of everyone’s hard work, it isn’t the end. What will we cook next? You’ll just have to wait and see!


     Our Journey Continues: YEAR THREE

    2016-2017 school year:

    College Street



    I pledge today the Seven Habits I’ll use,

    Become a strong leader and spread the good news.


    I will be Proactive - I’m in charge of me.

    Begin With the End in Mind - planning is the key.


    Put First Things First - I will work then play.

    Think Win-Win - with people every day.


    I will Listen, then Speak - so we all can be heard,

    It’s how it works best - understand is the word.


    I will Synergize - because together is best.

    I will Sharpen the Saw - to take care of the rest.

    We are continuing with our Lead Roles in the classroom and Lead Roles throughout school.  this year we are working hard on our data notebooks and sharing our voice.

    Future Lighthouse Families

    In January of 2017 we have started a new program called  Future Lighthouse Families.  Families are proacticing the habits at home and earn a star for each habit.  When they have recieved all 7 habit stars they become a Lighthouse Family.

    Earning Stars for Family Lighthouse


    A CSE Lighthouse Family


    Dallas Symposium

    We had the pleasure of serving as a site visit for The Leader in Me Symposium on Feb 2, 2017 We were excited to give our visitors a tour of CSE and let our guests see how our students incorporate The 7 Habits into their daily lives.  Our guest were greeted at the door by our CSE cheerleaders.  Some of our fifith graders gave speachers, our music managers perfermed the 7 muscial habits, and our ambassadors and student lighthouse team served as tour guides.  It was incredible to hear our students sharing their leadership notebooks and their voices.  We also had three of our staff members (Mrs. Carrillo, Mrs. Kong, and Mrs. Head) represented CSE by presenting at the symposium.  They shared, A Day in the Life of a Teacher at a Leader In Me School and it was standing room only!  A quote from from a teacher in the aduience, "I want to work there!" was heard at the end of their presentation.   Our principal Mrs. Heintzman was asked to represent CSE b on the Principal Panel by sharing a little of our story to the entire symposium.  



    Year 3 Checklist

    Participate in 7 habits for 7 minutes

    Meet with accountability partner- “Teacher Leader Buddy” to discuss goals and reflect

    Add TLIM/real world connections to lesson plans

    Model TLIM language seamlessly & positively

    Develop, revisit, & live by class mission statement

    Include TLIM in class newsletter

    Include leadership language in bulletin board displays

    Assist students with writing personal academic WIGS, track progress w/ lead measures, and set aside time to reflect, adjust, & celebrate success using leadership notebooks

    Develop/track grade level SMART goals and reflect on impact of instructional practices in PLCs

    Track classroom contribution toward school-wide WIGs and set aside time for reflection

    Use collaborative protocols to aid in instruction

    Increase opportunities for student led learning


    College Street Elementary Students Raise Funds for Local Animal Shelter

    While reading an edition of Scholastic News, first grade students at College Street Elementary learned about volunteering in the community. The students read a specific section about a child helping out at a local animal shelter and wanted to do the same in Lewisville. Although initially disappointed they didn't meet the age requirement to volunteer at the local animal shelter, the students were determined to find another way to help. After researching other organizations, first grade students voted to raise money for the City of Lewisville Animal Services. Committees were formed and the students created posters, fliers, videos, money containers and a results board to help with their efforts. 

    “Each committee had a teacher or staff member supporting them,” First grade teacher Susan Davis said. “We had an officer from the shelter come out and speak to us so we knew what information we needed to share with the school.” 

    The first grade students rallied the rest of College Street and passed out containers, counted coins and stood in car lines with signs to raise funds. They even partnered with Frost Bank to double-check the counting of nearly 20 pounds of coins. In total, College Street Elementary raised more than $300 for the shelter and first grade students presented the donation to Animal Control Officer Leslie Garza. 

     Our Journey Continues: YEAR FOUR

    College Street Elementary (CSE) is now in its fourth year of The Leader in Me (TLIM) program. Through TLIM, students are taught 21st century leadership and life skills. These skills have helped create a culture of student empowerment, which can be seen campus-wide.

    On Feb. 2, for the second year in a row, CSE served as a site visit for TLIM’s annual symposium. This year, the entire visit was student-led, as students showed visiting educators how TLIM has impacted their school and help them achieve new heights.

    2018 Dallas Symposium

    We were chosen again as a site visit for The Leader In Me Symposium on Feb. 2, 2018.  Our student council president, Kaitlyn Greathouse greeted our guest and spoke to them about how our school has changed throughout the last 4 years of our Leader In Me journey.  After a tour of our school our guest were able to ask questions to a student panel.   These students shared their personal experiences of being a part of a Leader in Me school.