• Reading Response Journal (black bag)
    There will be 2 books in the envelope.  Read each book with your child and use the response log included to complete guided reading homework.

    Some OPTIONAL ideas for reading could be:

    -having your child read to a younger sibling

    -recording them reading it and listening (or watching play back)

    -write sight words they found in their book

    -write a new ending to the story

    -make a list of tough words and make flashcards


    Starting October...

    You MUST have the student complete the Reading Response Log. Please turn in by the following Tuesday. 

    Sight Words-->  
    There will be 6 new words each week. There is a list of all the sight words that will be taught throughout the year. 
    There will be a sight word test every Thursday.  On the test, the kids are given sentences where they must fill in the appropriate sight word to make the sentence complete. They will also need to spell the word correctly.

    Monday Math- Excel sheets will be sent home every Monday- MUST return on Tuesday
    FastMath- Students must complete at least one lesson a week at home.