Special Education Parent Corner

  • Family Center


    The Special Education Family Center is an evening program, offered on Tuesdays during the school year at the Purnell Support Center, designed to provide additional support to special education eligible students and their families. Family counseling services and Parent & Youth Resource Skills Training programs are available on a limited basis and are provided free of charge to eligible families. Families may be referred to the Special Education Family Center by any LISD staff member (e.g., special education counselor, campus diagnostician, or LSSP). Pre-registration for sessions is required. Please contact Sharon Painter at (469) 948-8650 or painters@lisd.net

    Family Counseling Services:

    Family counseling services offer a unique opportunity for students and their family members to share honest perspectives and discuss solutions in an open manner. Eligible families are assigned a therapist (i.e., Psychology Intern supervised by a Licensed Psychologist, or Licensed Professional Counselor) or co-therapist, and may meet for up to 6 weeks of Solution-Focused Family Therapy. Solution-Focused Therapy is a respectful, strength-based approach to intervention that assumes all families have significant and meaningful strengths that can be used to overcome challenges and generate solutions. The therapist collaborates with the family to develop plans and aspirations to enact solutions in small, manageable, and concrete steps. There may be a waiting list for these services.

    Parent & Youth Resource Training Groups:

    Students with special needs can require extra management skills. Parent Resource Training Groups are designed to introduce parents to strategies and techniques that can be used to promote positive change in their children. Research-based parenting resource groups are facilitated by LISD special education personnel and allow parents an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills about a specified topic and to discuss their experiences with other parents of special education eligible students. Groups typically meeet for 4-6 sessions with staggered start points throughout the school year. While parents attend skills-training groups, students are offered attendance at their own skills-training groups, which are arranged by age level. Topics such as friendship building, making appropriate choices, and the appropriate expression of feelings are discussed with students during the Youth Resource Training Groups. Siblings may attend if space is available.

    Parent Resource Group Topics for Fall 2016:     COMING SOON