• These are the general LISD Health Service guidelines. If you have a specific question or need, please feel free to call me at 469-713-5182.  


    You know your child best. Please keep them home if they are not well enough to attend school. If your student gets sick at school and needs to be picked up, please arrange for a timely pickup.
    Students may not attend school with the following symptoms of communicable disease:
    • continous vomiting or diarrhea
    • Temperature of 100 or higher
    Students with fever of 100 degree or higher , will be excluded from school until fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicines.

     Medications in school:

    In most cases Elementary students are not alllowed to carry medication with them. Medications are kept in the healthroom and administered by the school nurse or staff member designated by principal. Childs condition must necessitate the medication being given during school hours.

     A written autherization and request from a parent is needed for all medications. All medication must be in original current properly labeled container  with clear and legible instructions
    * Elementary students may not transport medications to and from school.
    A physician's signature is required on the parent request for administration of medication by school personnel form for:

    *Over the counter medications given more than 5 school days.

    *Prescription label do not match the parent request or missing required information.

    *Medication samples or off-label prescription requests.

    For medications to be given at bschool the above minimum  requirements must be met.

    Emergency Medication

    Students are allowed to self carry  and self administer emergency medications including asthma inhaler  and Epipens while at school  or school related functions with written documentations  from parent and their physician.

    Alternate therapies, herbals and suppliments are not approved or controlled by FDA will not be given by school personnel

    Health Screenings

    The nurse will conduct state mandated health screenings of all new students and the students in Discovery,PPCD, K, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades. Other students can be screened at the request of the parent or teacher. These screenings may include, but not limited to, vision, hearing , scoliosis, and diabetic risk assesment. The school nurse will do an extensive screening of the students who fail the initial screening and send a referral letter to the parent for follow-up with the appropriate doctor. Please take it with you when you go to the doctor and send back the results of the tests to the nurse.

    Thank you,
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