• Will my child have a locker?

    We are seeking to remove barriers that prevent students from being organized. One such barrier was lockers for most students that created a system of very heavy backpacks, transferring textbooks to and from school, and a multitude of binders and other supplies to keep track of. We are moving to one binder, keeping books at home and in the classroom, and eliminating the black hole of "Stuff" that accumulates in lockers to "Free" the students of being chained to a locker and the ability to move freely with their light backpacks.

    When can I enroll my child?

    Call the ACMS Registrars office at 972-350-2508 to set up and appointment to enroll your child.

    What do I need to enroll my child?


    1. Copy of birth certificate
    2. Current report card
    3. TAKS Scores
    4. Proof of residency (New lease, new home contract or current utility bill; gas, water or electric bill only)
    5. Withdrawal Form (during school year)
    6. Copy of social security card
    7. Immunization record
    8. Parent or Guardian must have valid photo ID, Drivers License or Passport


    How do I report that my child will be absent?

    • Please call the school office at 972-350-2508 by 10 AM to report that your child will be absent from school. When your child returns to school, he/she should bring a written note and report to the office to get an admit pass. The student should show the pass to each teacher and ask about makeup work.
    • For dental or doctor appointments, the student should bring back a doctor’s note.
    • For planned absences, the parent needs to email the principal for permission for the student to miss school. The email should explain the educational value of the trip. Procedures and guidelines required for the absence to be excused will be sent home. When the student returns, he/she will need to have completed the response form for each day the student is absent.

    When will my child get his/her schedule for the following school year?

    Students enrolled at ACMS during the spring will be able to pick up their schedules at Eagle Camp. Eagle Camp is held on the Friday two weeks prior to school starting. Eighth graders pick theirs up at 8:30 AM, seventh graders at 10:30 AM, and sixth graders at 1:30 PM. Besides schedule pick up, you will have an opportunity to purchase PE clothes, put money in cafeteria account, join PTA, purchase supply pack and meet our various clubs and activities.


    What is Eagle Time?

    • Eagle Time is our homeroom class that meets two times a week for about 30 minutes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Generally, students receive character education instruction on Wednesdays and on Thursdays continue or complete SSR or other special programs.
    • Students are given their report cards and progress reports during this time.


    What is Eagle Pride? How will my child learn the traditions and expectations of ACMS?

    • The Eagle Pride is taught during the first three days of school. Students report to their homeroom teacher the first and second day of school. During these first two days, students will rotate with their homeroom teacher to learn more about ACMS. Rotations include: textbook check out, office procedures, attendance, Code of Conduct and Student Handbook, cafeteria procedures, technology use, voice levels, hallway behavior, and much more.
    • Students will also watch videos depicting Eagle Pride.
    • New students enrolling after the first couple days of school receive their orientation from the guidance counselors’ aide and will watch the videos.

    My child is currently a fifth grader, how will he/she register for courses?

    • During the spring a special day is set aside for 5th Grade Visit. Students are bused to ACMS to tour the building, and rotate through presentations from elective teachers.
    • A 5th grade parent night allows parents to find out about ACMS practices, traditions, and expectations. Presentations enable parents to learn more about ACMS and to help their children make good decisions about registration/course selections.
    • Band and orchestra classes require an instrument which must be selected with the guidance of the music director. Set dates and times are provided and advertised.

    What do we need to know about PAP classes?

    • PAP Science, social studies, and English Language Arts are open enrollment courses. However, the depth and understanding required for the course means that students must be organized, be prepared to do rigorous homework assignments, be able to manage time for in and outside class assignments. Being able to plan ahead is crucial.
    • PAP math is also open enrollment but the student is expected to be working a grade ahead. Taking a PAP math class is demanding, quick paced, and requires that the student knows basic skills at a high level. Students should be scoring commended on state assessments to meet basic requirements of the course.

    What is LEAP?

    The Gifted and Talented program is called LEAP which is addressed through the English Language Arts Reading class. In order to qualify for this program, students must qualify on a screening test and other criteria set by the district.

    What athletic programs are offered at ACMS?

    • Athletics is offered to all seventh grade boys and girls. Eighth grade athletes must meet set criteria in order to make the eighth grade athletic teams.
    • Girls: Volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, and track are the sports offered. Girls tryout to make each team. If students do not make a team, they workout in off season preparing and conditioning their bodies.
    • Boys: Football, basketball, soccer, cross country, and track are the sports offered.
    • Tennis is offered as part of the HHS tennis program. The student tries out and if he/she makes the team, a schedule change is put in place if there are no scheduling conflicts. Parents must take the student to HHS in the mornings and a bus brings the student back to ACMS by second period.