• Steps to Enroll- New Dual Credit Students


    Dual Credit Registration Packet


      1. Sign up for courses in Skyward, if you plan to take an embedded class.  Do NOT put summer or online classes into Skyward. (New and Returning Dual Credit Students)
      2. View this PowerPoint! Dual Credit PowerPoint
      3. Fill Out Google Form (New and Returning Dual Credit Students)- Fill this out ONE time.  If you make a mistake, let your counselor know so it can be corrected. There are two Google Docs, one for summer and one for the 2023-24 school year.  Make sure you complete the correct form. Summer School Dual Credit Google Doc       Dual Credit Google Doc
      4. APPLY to NCTC!!!! Deadline March 5, 2023  Open the Apply Texas tutorial and follow the steps as you complete the application.  GoApplyTexas.org     GoApplyTexas Tutorial   
      5. Check for TSI Exemptions - Students who were exempted from the English 2 or Algebra 1 EOC due to COVID will have to take the TSI if they do not have any other test scores that will qualify them for an exemption.
      6. If students are exempt from taking TSI based on EOC or PSAT scores, it is NOT necessary to send Ms. Berry those scores.  You are only required to send ACT or SAT scores if those are what you are using as the TSI exemption.  ALL students who are taking CHEM 1411 and 1412 MUST submit an ACT or SAT score.  Those students cannot be exempt from TSI based on EOC or PSAT scores.  Students interested in taking CHEM 1411 and 1412 who have NOT taken ACT or SAT will need to take MATH 1314 over the summer in order to qualify.
      7. Transcripts and PSAT and EOC scores will be automatically sent to NCTC.  You do NOT need to request to have a transcript sent,  You do NOT have to send Ms. Berry your EOC or PSAT scores.  You ONLY have to send scores if you are using ACT or SAT scores as your TSI waiver.  ALL chemistry students must send me your test scores.  Please make sure the report includes your first and last name.
      8. If not exempt from TSI, sign up to take it at FMHS.  Deadline to sign up is February 23, 2023.  Go to the FMHS Testing page or click on the link above to sign up.  TSI Pre- Assessment MUST be completed by February 25th in order to test on February 28th.  This is NOT optional.  If you miss the deadline to sign up or complete the pre-assessment, you will need to sign up to take the TSI at another institution.  NCTC offers TSI on their campuses.
      9. Fill out the registration form. The form MUST have the NCTC username and ID#.  Dual Credit Registration Form;  Registration Form Example - Registration forms are due no later than April 5th.  They need to be turned in as soon as the student receives his/her credentials from NCTC.   


    Due to hackers and malware, NCTC is unable to send out personal information. This is the information you will need to know about the letter dual credit students will receive from NCTC. 

    The first email from NCTC will be “NCTC Application Received”.  It will include a list of missing items in the first paragraph. If it mentions test scores or transcript, disregard. If it mentions residency documents, contact Mrs. Mannion so she can guide you through the next steps. The second paragraph will address scholarships.

    The second email, sent from NCTC,  will begin with “Thank you for choosing NCTC…….”  This is the welcome letter and will provide instructions to the OneLogin Portal.  It will list your USERNAME and Temporary Password in order to setup your OneLogin.  The Temporary Password is the first 7 numbers and will be your NCTC ID. 

    Example:  Student's name is Ima Jag. This is the information Ima would receive to set-up her account.

    NCTC Student Email:  jagi235431@student.nctc.edu (Last name, first initial, 6 numbers)

    User Name: jagi235431

    Temporary Password:     Az#170433200   

    The NCTC Student ID number will be the first 7 numbers.

    For Login help, click on the Student Help Desk