• SENIORS – Tomorrow is a big day!!!    BUS LIST BY ALPHA
    We have your Senior Cap and Gown Panoramic for all seniors tomorrow!  Meet in the Auditorium at 8:30am and bring your cap and gowns. Please leave tassels at home because we lose about 50 on the floor each year. 
    This is the schedule for the day:
    • 8:30am – ALL SENIORS OF THE CLASS OF 2023 will meet in Auditorium and bring caps and gowns for the photo.
    • What to wear for the photo
      • Bring your caps and Gowns and leave tassels at home
      • You can wear what you are wearing for the picnic, for the exception of the Top Twenty Students and the Senior Officers.  We need you guys to look nice for the front row. 
      • If you have a stole or cord you are welcome to wear them.
        • NHS Members may come to the floor if wearing your stoles
        • StuCo Members may come to the floor if wearing your stoles
        • ROTC Members may come to the floor if wearing your stoles
    • After the photo:
      • All seniors attending picnic will return to the auditorium
      • All seniors NOT attending picnic will need to return to class and attendance will be checked.
    • For the seniors in the Auditorium headed to picnic – we will have a place for you to put your gown in a bag with your name and store it until after picnic or you can secure them in your vehicles.
    • AFTER senior secure their gown, they will head to their assigned bus for attendance.  Bus lists are posted in the Auditorium Foyer and also attached to this email. YOU MUST BE ON YOUR ASSIGNED BUS. 
    • We will have a great time at the camp.  They have lots of workers and we have lots of faculty supervisors and coaches.  They also have a medical team on staff during this event.  However, if a student needs to reach me, my cell is 214-543-6717.  
    • There are two large water slides, so you can wear your bathing suit under your clothing.  We ask that you wear shorts and tanks or t-shirts.  You don’t need to wear your picnic shirt, that was a gift to you for coming.  You can bring a beach towel and sun bathe or dry your self off.  Bathing suits are only allowed at the water slides.  Once you leave the slides, you need to put on a cover up or put back on your shorts and tank/tshirt.
    • There will be all you can eat BBQ and drinks there and lots of indoor activities and outdoor activities.  Bring extra change for some video games.
    • The Army will also be there with fun games
    • PLEASE DO NOT WALK OFF THE RANCH for any reason or climb over fences or go in with the animals.  
    • The buses will return at 2:30pm and LHS will NOT allow us back in the building, so please get a ride home so you don’t have to wait for your bus.  If you leave your caps/gowns at LHS to secure, they will have faculty at Door #5, the auditorium door handing them out as you return from picnic.  
    • Unfortunately, we had to call the final numbers in yesterday so we can’t take walk up seniors wanting to go.  
    • This will be a fun time for all who attend.
    After the panoramic photo, you will be emailed a link on how to purchase.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me. 
    Allison Stamey