Circle of Friends

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  • Mission Statement:
    To enrich the lives of all students by creating lasting relationships regardless of differences, and to enhance and bring forth the community spirit for the present and for the future. 

    Circle of Friends is for students who desire to initiate and develop friendships with peers who have special needs, and students who look for opportunities to include their friends in activities during and after school, and to make a difference in their lives. 

    The name Circle of Friends comes from the concept that everyone has three circles of people surrounding them. Each circle represents a different type of relationship. The first and closest circle represents family members. The second/middle circle is made up of friends and peers. The third circle is made up of professionals in the community who provide services such as teachers, coachers, doctors, ministers, etc. Young people with special needs sometimes only have two circles of people, the first and last, who touch their lives. The Circle of Friends was created to fill the gap of the second circle so that students with special needs would be surrounded with friends. 

    Circle of Friends is an inclusive group! Everyone is welcome and everyone will make a friend! 

    Sponsor: Mrs. Watkins C116
    Meetings: Every other Thursday during Advisory

    We will have additional opportunities for special activities before/after school on occasion. Listen to the announcements and check out Mrs. Watkins' calendar on her website for meetings and events.