• Safe Return Plan

    One major question on the minds of students, families and staff members is what the start of the 2021-22 school year will look like. It is our intention to begin the next school year in a much more traditional way, in what most would consider a “typical” school environment. The final decision regarding restrictions before school starts is completely dependent on the health-related circumstances in our communities in late July and early August. Some considerations for our operational guidelines are listed below:

    • Refer to CDC school opening guidance
    • Requirements related to contact tracing and quarantining will remain in effect
    • Refer to TEA school opening guidance
    • Refer to any state or local restrictions
    • Analyze community transmission data and trends in collaboration with local health officials.
    • Analyze available hospital occupancy data, ICU bed availability, etc in collaboration with local health officials
    • Analyze school data in collaboration with local health officials.

    The draft “Safe Return Plan” will be posted on the LISD website on June 30, 2021.  Beginning on that date, we will have a survey available for you to share your thoughts on the draft plan.  Please check back here on June 30th - we look forward to hearing your thoughts!