Special Education

  • LISD will offer special education families two learning options during the 2020-21 school year:

    • In-Person Learning: Students return to campus full-time with additional safety precautions and procedures in place.
    • Virtual Learning: Students opt to participate in virtual learning full-time from home. 

    Due to the individualized services provided, many special education questions are unique to a specific student’s situation. We are working to develop a FAQ page for broad, general questions. Please email us at spedquestions@lisd.net with your questions.


  • General

  • [ADDED JULY 21] How will my child's IEP plan be affected depending on what learning option I choose?

  • My child is in the process of an autism evaluation and will be attending in-person learning this year. I know you all have very limited information still, but are we still on track to continue with this process for him?

  • If Virtual Learning isn’t working for my child, can he change to In-person Learning before the end of the nine weeks?

  • If my child receives Dyslexia Interventions, will there be daily specialized instruction?

  • Will the Dyslexia intervention be an "after-hours" class so my daughter does not miss "regular" class?

  • How will testing be conducted for the MTA/dyslexia program?

  • In-Person Learning

  • [ADDED JULY 21] What are the health and safety protocols we can expect?

  • [ADDED JULY 21] Given the small number of students in the life skills classroom, do you anticipate being able to social distance?

  • [ADDED JULY 21] Will my child still spend the day where we discussed they would previously?

  • Virtual Learning

  • [ADDED JULY 22] How will any necessary 504 or ARD meetings happen if we choose virtual learning?

  • [ADDED JULY 21] Will virtual face-to-face time with teachers be one-on-one or in a group setting?

  • [ADDED JULY 21] What is the expectation of volume of work to be done for virtual learning, such as attending live meetings and turning in work?

  • If students choose virtual, will they be taught by their campus contact teacher or a virtual teacher?

  • It’s my understanding that if I choose Virtual Learning, my child will use Edgenuity. Is that correct or will they be using a more appropriate curriculum for my child in a Life Skills classroom?

  • If we choose to do virtual learning, will there be any options for supplemental in-person MTA/dyslexia education?

  • Can a parent choose Virtual Learning but receive some specialized or Related Services in person?

  • Can a student receive their dyslexia/MTA/SDI Reading and their Related Services if a parent selects Virtual Learning?

  • [ADDED JULY 21] My family wants to consider virtual learning, but we are concerned with the time commitment. Will virtual learning be flexible?