Secondary Grading Guidelines

  • Grading guidelines for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year will be revised, and LISD will implement a pass/fail grading system to award students credit for courses. Student work will be graded because it is important for students to receive feedback on their progress in learning. 

    Secondary General Overview:

    • Teachers will record in the Skyward gradebook numeric grades for 1-2 assignments per week per content area 
    • An average will be calculated in Skyward for the grades recorded and that average will be used to determine if a student earns a “Pass (P)” or a “Fail (F)” for the 4th nine weeks grading period
    • Only P/F will appear on the transcript for this last grading period
    • Numeric grades from the 4th nine weeks will not be included in the calculation of GPA or class rank
    • If a student does not earn a passing score on a graded assignment, then a reteach/retake/re-do opportunity will be provided to students
    • Progress reports will be provided to students who are not passing for the 4th nine weeks by Wednesday, April 29

    High School Specific:

    • The GPA for all students in grades 9-12 will be frozen at the end of the 3rd nine weeks grading period.  
    • All courses taken in the 4th nine weeks grades will only be used to determine if the student receives credit for the course for meeting graduation and promotion requirements, not GPA
    • The grades from the 4th nine weeks will NOT be included in future calculations of GPA or Class Rank once school resumes
    • The NCAA will release updated guidelines the week of April 13, and we will communicate further with students at that time

    Each student is expected to:

    • Be prepared for each class  
    • Complete and submit assignments regularly and on time
    • Participate in virtual instruction and/or view materials provided by teachers
    • Maintain honesty and integrity in all issues regarding school work and interaction with teachers and administrators

    Teachers will promote academic success by:

    • Delivering instruction online to students through WebEx tools 
    • Making the recording of the instruction available to all students
    • Encouraging students to attend tutorials, if necessary, through the use of phone and/or virtual conferences
    • Monitoring student progress by timely grading of student work
    • Communicating with parents regarding concerns about attendance, academics, or behavior