Elementary Grading Guidelines

  • Grading guidelines for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year will be revised, and LISD will implement a pass/fail grading system to award students credit for grade-level completion.

    Elementary - General Expectations

    • Elementary students will complete and submit 1 activity per subject, per week, (Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing)
    • Specials Rotation Classes (Art, Music, PE, etc.) will provide weekly lessons and enrichment activities to foster continued learning opportunities
    • Teachers will monitor progress and provide feedback in a timely manner each week
    • Completion-only grades will be assigned to indicate whether a student has successfully completed or not completed the at-home learning activities on a weekly basis
    • Progress reports will be provided to students who are not passing by Wednesday, April 29

    Each student is expected to:

    • Be prepared for each class  
    • Complete and submit assignments regularly and on time
    • Participate in virtual instruction and/or view materials provided by teachers
    • Maintain honesty and integrity in all issues regarding school work and interaction with teachers and administrators

    Teachers will promote academic success by:

    • Delivering instruction online to students through WebEx tools 
    • Making the recording of the instruction available to all students
    • Encouraging students to attend tutorials if necessary through the use of phone and/or virtual conferences
    • Monitoring student progress by timely grading of student work
    • Communicating with parents regarding concerns about attendance, academics, or behavior