• Liberty Elementary School

    Special Message

    March 18, 2020


    Greetings Liberty Families and Staff:

    Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your spring break briefly to provide you with additional information specific to our school community.  I will do so in bullet points with the hope it is easier to read through and not take too much of your time.

    -         Please read all LISD issued correspondence regarding the change in our schooling and know that it is the main source for guiding all of us.

    -         Please read all Liberty issued correspondence as it will be an addendum to the LISD information and specific to our school community.

    -         After spring break, and while the campus remains closed, please assist with the continued learning of your student(s) per the information and resources you will receive from LISD and Liberty.

    -         During this period of closure, please consider taking care of tasks that will assist with lessening the burden of deadlines and helping check items off or your list as it will become quite busy once we return including:

    ·         Ordering your 2020-2021 supplies wrap pack(s)

    www.educationalproducts.com/ShopPacks and

    Enter Our School ID: LIB064 (flier attached)

    ·         Preparing your project for the PTA Science Fair


    -         Whenever our first day back ends up being (currently Monday, April 6, 2020), please be prepared to go ahead and turn in your completed:

    ·         2020-2021 Family Input form(s) for class placement for the next school year

    ·         2020-2021 PTA Interest form for next school year

    ·         2020-2021 Eagle Fee form(s) and payment(s) for next school year

    ·         Legacy Brick Campaign form and payment

    ·         Student Council Dallas Trip forms and payment

    ·         Fifth Grade Party Form and Payment

    ·         PTA Science Fair registration form

    ·         Talent Show Audition form

    ·         And any FINAL referrals for special programs assessment for the 2020-2021 school year

    Seriously, we will want all of it so that we can process, catch up, and get us back on track before the crunch of the remaining school year. Myself, PTA President Marisa Nightengale, Assistant Principal Kimberly Cox, Counselor Elizabeth Banda, PTA point people, and supervising staff members will meet during the extended closure period and again on the first day back to discuss and reschedule all of the delayed events and will then provide you with all of the updates, including:

    ·         Spring Book Fair

    ·         PTA Board Meeting

    ·         PTA Lunch Coverage

    ·         PTA Science Fair

    ·         Muffins with Me

    ·         Hats for Autism Campaign

    ·         Fourth Grade Stockyards Field Trip

    ·         ARD, RtI, and 504 Meetings


    -         Here is the known status on the following events:

    ·         LISD Fifth Grade Honor Choir Concert – Cancelled

    ·         LISD 2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration – TBD

    ·         LISD Elementary Art Show – TBD

    ·         Liberty Student Council Meeting – April 7, 2:00pm

    ·         Leukemia and Lymphoma Campaign – April 6-9


    I realize the current time is challenging for each of us in both different and similar ways.  As we navigate through it all, and particularly when we return, I respectfully request that we all do what we can to remain calm and communicative with one another and that our focus remain on the students and what we can do for them to enjoy and be as productive as possible for whatever remaining time we have together in the current school year.  We, as adults, must model the example and provide the positive energy and enthusiasm to them and each other if we are to be successful in our mission.

    I wish you each a remaining spring break of relaxation to the best of your means and all of the best over the next couple of weeks in finding a temporary new normal before we are able to return to, hopefully, a better enhanced new normal of looking out for and caring for each other as unconditionally as possible.


    Thank you,

    Tim Greenwell