Cultural Proficiency

  • In Lewisville ISD, not only do we value diversity, but we are committed to learning and engaging with others to strengthen our organizational and individual practices regarding cultural proficiency. Every member in our district, including students, staff and our community, has a culture that has helped shape their beliefs, values and behaviors.


    Cultural Proficiency is an inside-out approach that focuses on understanding one's own experiences, assumptions, and background that you bring to a situation and how they impact students and others. The development of cultural proficiency is a process involving self-reflection and engaging in meaningful learning experiences and with others to strengthen our practices and gain perspectives. 

    LISD Istatements: 

    • I create an environment optimal for learning.
    • I create safe and inclusive opportunities. 
    • I nurture each learner as an individual and as a citizen of the community. 
    • I communicate with all stakeholders to understand diverse perspectives. 


    The goal of the Cultural Proficiency work in LISD is to cultivate positive, inclusive environments that foster a sense of belonging and a culture of dignity and to embed the cultural proficiency learning and work into the district organizational procedures and practices. 


    Provide ongoing, meaningful professional learning opportunities and resources for LISD staff that promote examining and reexamining beliefs, practices, and policies to meet our goal. 

    Recognizing that cultural proficiency is not limited to education, we welcome the opportunity to engage in conversations and share the importance of cultural proficiency among one another in the community as well. 


    Cultural Proficiency Learning Cohort 



  • Past Community Events

    Please revisit some of our most recent events here.


    March 4, 2020 - The MCL in Lewisville

    LISD hosted their second Community Learning Event with a lunch and learn with Shayla Rivera. 


    Cultural Proficiency Event

    Nov. 4, 2019 - Cultural Proficiency
    Hilton Garden Inn Lewisville 

    LISD hosted their first Community Learning Event with special guest speakers: Southwest Airlines, The Texas Rangers Baseball Club, Principal Kafele, and Dr. Eric Jensen. 

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