Transcript Information

  • To submit an electronic copy to Lewisville ISD.

    Please have the university send it to:


    Why does LISD require an official transcript:

    The following are several reasons of how we use transcripts:

    1. Transcript pages provide details of completed courses used to complete highly qualified documentation.   
    2. Accreditation of the university is included on the transcript.    
    3. For special assignments or individual needs pertaining to students, we review individual course work detailed on the transcript to determine if working in an assignment is allowable according to the guidelines established by Texas Education Agency.   (this occurs frequently for secondary campuses, grades 6-12)
    4. When a parent notification letter is distributed, information from a transcript can be included to support the decision-making process.   
    5. Demographic information from the transcript is maintained on all employees which is reported annually to the State of Texas. 
    6. Degree and confer date is provided on a transcript, which for some degrees additional stipends are paid to professional staff. 


    Transcript Translation:

    International Academic Credential Evaluator, Inc.

    P O Box 2465

    Denton, TX  76202-2465

    Phone:  940-383-7498

    Fax: 940-382-4874




    Transcript Translation:


    1910 Justin Lane

    Austin, TX  78757

    Phone:  512-459-8428

    Fax:  512-459-4565