• LISD will accept no more than 8 parent notes in a school year to excuse an illness, personal, or pre-approved absence. No more than 6 notes may be used in a semester. Any additional absences will require a note from a health care provider or documentation of an absence exempt from compulsory attendance, in order to be excused. A parent note is considered: a handwritten note, a phone call to the absence line, an email or verbal notification regarding an absence.  The pre-arranged absence requests are grouped in with the 8 allowed parent absences per year. As always doctor notes are great – they are the best! 😊 We are by no means trying to tell you to take your child to the doctor more than you normally would, but if you do, in fact, take your child to the doctor, always ask for the school excuse note from the doctor. Doctor notes do not count with the 8 parent notes per school year.

    Pre-Planned Absences
    Additionally there is the LISD Pre-Planned Absence Form if you know your student will be absent ahead of time. This is only for full day absences and not appointments. All forms should be submitted to the attendance clerk a week prior to the absence.