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    Please refer to the attendance pages in the online Student Handbook for complete rules & guidelines.

    What do I do when my child will be absent due to illness, family medical emergency or family death?

    To ensure your child's absence is excused due to the reasons listed above, please send a note with your child. Click HERE to fill out the online parental note form. Phone calls or voicemails from a parent may be left on the attendance line: 469-713-5977 Option 1. Emails can be sent to the attendance clerk with a note of explanation, parent name and contact phone number.  Only 10 PARENT-EXCUSED absences are allowed.  Doctor notes are required for every absence after the 10th parent note.  Absences will be unexcused otherwise and truancy policies will go into effect.  

    *****        ONLY 10 PARENT-EXCUSED absences are allowed per year!  Use them sparingly.          *****

    To ensure the absence is excused, ALL NOTES must be received WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE ABSENCE.   Any note after 3 days will result in an unexcused absence.  Medical appointments causing a child to miss any part of school must have a medical note for the absence or partial absence to be excused.  

    Homework : Your child was given access to all school websites by their respective teachers and should use those sites themselves to retrieve assignments if a computer is accessible or if the student has a District IPAD.  

    Pre-Planned Absences ( i.e. Vacation):

    Pre-Planned Absence Forms will not be required for the 2022-2023 school year. Please call, email, complete LISD online form, or send a note after a student returns.  

    An unexcused absence means that the child will receive zeros on all work missed/due. 3 or more unexcused absences in a 4 week period or 10 within 6 months could result in legal action under Section 25.094 of the Texas Education Code for the offense ‘Failure to Attend School’.  Please view the LISD Truancy Prevention Letter to Parents on KMS’ website for details. *Part of a day includes missing more than 4 minutes in any class.

    How do I take my student out of school during the day?
    If a student needs to leave campus early for a medical appointment, (therapy, check-up, dental, etc.) the parent/guardian*
    must come to the front doors with their picture ID to request their student be called down. A picture ID is required every visit.  When leaving the appointment, ask the medical office for a school note for the absence to be excused.  They can also be faxed to: KMS (214) 626-1714.  If the student bypasses the nurse and contacts their parent to be picked up, the absence will be unexcused unless a medical note or parent note for that same day is returned.     

    * To pull your student out of class for an appointment, contact the front office: 469-713-5977 Option 0

    * If an emergency contact will pick up your student, you must contact the front office to let them know.

    FRONT OFFICE: 469.713.5977  Option 0

    Absence Policy

    A student must attend at least 90 percent of the days that the class is offered. A student who attends fewer than 90 percent of the days the class is offered must attend Thursday Night Schools and/or Saturday School to recoup their absences to progress to the next grade.  Time spent on night performances/games/school practices/tutoring, etc. does not count toward the 90%.  It is purely “seat time,” meaning time spent being instructed by a teacher.  Ballet/dance/sports appointments are not considered medical unless they are restorative in nature and a therapy notice is provided (i.e. physical therapy). *

    Accumulating Absences

    Each absence for each class is accrued by class period.  For example, if a student is signed out for the last 15 minutes of 8th period 19 times due to illness or other excuse, that child will be counted absent and will be required to attend Thursday night school/s, repeat the grade, take summer school or have their case presented to the Attendance Committee.  See Absence Policy above.  The partial day absence is not excused.

    Tardy Policy

    A student is considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell is sounded.  A student is considered tardy at the discretion of the teacher/team if no bell is applicable.  Teachers will pull their door closed at the bell and any student NOT in the classroom must come to the tardy kiosk to log their tardy on the computer and pick up their pass to class. Tardies are cumulative by semester per teacher and will be reset each semester for school purposes but continue to accrue throughout the school year for Truancy purposes.  Killian consequences for tardies are: 

    • 1st tardy = warning
    • 2nd tardy = warning 
    • 3rd tardy = 30 minute lunch detention
    • 4th tardy = 30 minute lunch detention
    • 5th tardy = 30 minute lunch detention
    • 6th or more tardy = Thursday Night School and additional consequences may be assigned by administrator

    All truancies or incidents of skipping class are unexcused absences. This includes late arrival to school. Truancy is a violation of the Texas attendance laws & truancy charges may be filed with the Denton County juvenile authorities. A student is considered truant when absent for all or part of the day without parent /guardian's knowledge or consent.  Disciplinary action will result according to the Student Code of Conduct. According to section 25.095 of  Texas Education Code, if a student is absent from school without an excuse under section 25.087 for ten (10) or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year or on three or more days or parts of days within a four-week period: (1)the student’s parent is subject to prosecution under Section 25.093; &(2)the student is subject to prosecution under Section 25.094.

    What if my Contact Information or Home address changes?

    For change of address, please send in a current gas, water or electric bill to the office and include your student's name on the bill. If changes/updates need to be made to contacts, phone numbers, etc. please update your info using your Skyward Family Access

    Arriving Late
    If a student is not in their seat when the tardy bell rings, they are considered tardy.  After the tardy bell rings at 8:55, they must enter through the main office doors and sign in at the Front Office.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Unexcused tardies to the first period of school contribute to Truancy.  A Tardy is "part of a day”. 10 or more unexcused absences for days or parts of days will result in a truancy charge being filed against the parent &/or student with the Denton Court.

    Notes regarding absences can be delivered to the attendance office by your student, scanned to either of the Attendance contacts below or faxed to Fax #: 214-626-1714 or 972-350-9200.  Notes are only accepted for 3 days from date of absence.

    Students arriving after 8:53 should go to the Attendance Office for a Tardy Admit.

    If a student is not on campus at the beginning of the day and comes in with a note, they should check in at the attendance office for an admit to class.

    Students must be signed out by a legal guardian or parent as listed on Skyward. If an emergency contact will pick up your student, please call the main office ahead of time to let them know. 

    Front Office #: 469-713-5977 Option 0

     If you receive a notice that your student was counted absent for one or more periods, please log into your Skyward account and view your student's attendance to determine what teacher counted them absent.  If your child feels like they were counted absent in error, please tell them to talk to the teacher who counted them absent, and have the student and teacher determine if the absence is incorrect or correct.  Any changes to attendance must come from the teacher to the attendance office, since the teacher and student are usually the only individuals who know the circumstances of the absence.

    If you want to know if a parent or doctor's note was received, please log into your Skyward account for your student and look at their attendance.  It will show if an absence is excused, which will confirm that the note was received.

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