Related Services

  • Counseling Services

    Based on individual evaluations, counseling services may be recommended for specific students if necessary for the student to progress on their educational IEP. These services are direct or consult and are implemented by special education counselors.

    Music Therapy

    Music Therapy is a program that provides specific methods of learning enhanced by music. Students who receive this therapy require the components of music therapy in order to make progress in their previously determined goals and objectives.

    Occupational Therapist (OT)

    An occupational therapist works with students to facilitate full access and success in their learning environment. Occupational Therapists work with children who have fine motor delays, handwriting issues, self-care deficits, and sensory difficulties which interfere with their access to the school curriculum. This often includes working with the teacher to modify the classroom and/or adapt learning materials to help the student successfully participate.

    Physical Therapist (PT)

    A physical therapist provides services to students to facilitate their ability to participate in the educational setting. Physical therapy services focus on providing a student with the motor sills and assistive technology necessary for functional mobility and positioning in all areas of the school building, as well as safe access to the playground setting. Services are provided using either a direct or consult model. Direct services allow the physical therapist to work on the development of specific gross motor skills, e.g. walking. Consult services allow the physical therapist to assist the classroom staff, through training and with recommendations, with the implementation of IEP objectives. Physical therapists have knowledge of and access to a wide variety of positioning and mobility options to meet student needs. Successful physical therapy outcomes are the result of the collaboration between the physical therapist, the classroom staff and the parents.


    Transportation as a related service is included in an eligible student's IEP if the IEP team determines that such a service is needed in order for a student to access education. Transportation includes travel to and from school

    In-Home Trainer (IHT)

    In-home trainers work with parents and classroom teachers to provide the transition of mastered skills from school to the home and community.