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    Start a Ripple, Create a Wave

    In 2018, students from all five Lewisville ISD high schools – Flower Mound, Hebron, Lewisville, Marcus and The Colony – were determined to make kindness normal. That's where LISD Be Kind began. 

    Student leaders, named Kindness Ambassadors, from all facets of the schools gathered for meetings over summer break and made plans for the school year.

    To kick things off, the first-ever LISD Kindness Convocation took place on Aug. 7 at Leo C. Stuver Auditorium. Nearly 900 high school students attended the event, featuring Character Strong co-founder Houston Kraft as the keynote speaker. That set the tone for a positive start to LISD Be Kind.

    The high schools implemented Kindness Week, Aug. 20-24, which filled campuses with nonstop positive vibes and the color orange – the campaign’s official color – everywhere. Kindness Ambassadors energetically greeted fellow students and staff members at the front door each morning, passed out candy, distributed "pay it forward” compliment cards, clipped on positivity clothespins, decorated hallways, orchestrated kindness bingo games at lunch and gave daily kindness text message and social media challenges. Each day also had an official theme that included dressing up in orange, neon, twin clothing, camouflage and sport jerseys.

    The LISD middle schools followed with their own version of Kindness Week in September – but those were not the only places celebrating kindness. You can find participation of theme days and kindness challenges at elementary schools, the LISD Administrative Center and even in the community.

    The campaign for kindness isn’t going anywhere, as the 2019 LISD Kindness Convocation is set for Aug. 8 from 5:15-8 p.m. at Leo C. Stuver Auditorium! The campaign has a new look, as the color orange will shift to purple. Kindness Week at all LISD high schools will be Aug. 19-23.




















    Follow along with @LISDBEKIND on Twitter to keep up with the #LISDBEKIND movement as our students show others the positive change they can create, together.

















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