• ESD Registration Instructions for existing LISD MyProcare (registration system) families

    Please note: Some ESD campuses may be full and will no longer accept registrations. Click here for a list of full schools.

    • ESD registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis using the date and time stamp on your online registration. 
    • Prior to registering please review the ESD payment procedures 
    • If you need to add an additional sibling, not currently on your account, please contact your ESD Accounting Clerk or our main office, 469-713-5997.


    WHERE: ONLINE Registration with Procare at CLICK HERE.

    HOW:    Any available positions will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis using the date and time stamp on your online registration.


    Step 1: Use the following link to log into your account and submit a re-registration: (CLICK HERE

    Note: if you have forgotten your password please go through the password reset process.

    Select Campus Support Services

    • You will receive an email titled “Campus Support Services Information Summary ” from info@myprocare immediately following your submission. If you do not see this email check your junk mail. This email verifies your application has been submitted only.


    Step 2: Next you will receive an email with the link to submit payment or an email notifying you that the campus is full and is no longer accepting applications.

    • Please note: This email is not automatic, the application may take several days to process.
    • The non-refundable $45.00 registration fee, per child, and first tuition payment (ESD Tuition rates) must be paid within 48 hours of receiving the payment email.


    Step 3: Once you receive an email with the link to submit payment, please complete the following supporting documents, if applicable:

    • If you selected the monthly or semester payment option ALL remaining installments will be collected by automatic draft via credit card or checking account using the Tuition Express Automatic Payment Form.
    • If you have court documents, please submit those to your accounting clerk.
    • If you selected the ESD Scholarship payment option:
      • The deadline to turn in the 2021-22 Scholarship Lunch Letter and remain on the ESD Scholarship Payment plan is Friday, September 17, 2021. 


    You will receive a confirmation email from your ESD Accounting clerk stating you’re registered, once your payment and supporting documentation are received.




    • Use your LISD email to register your student to receive the employee rate.
    • We do not recommend registering by using your phone.
    • To re-register a second child already in Procare, please click the “save and add next child” button.
    • Enter the child’s birthday and gender.
    • Thoroughly review all data before submitting it.
      • Add all emergency contacts and authorized pick up persons. ESD uses an electronic attendance system and only people in the Procare system will be allowed to pick up your child.
    • Once you submit, you cannot go back to edit your information. To make updates and changes please contact our main office, 469-713-5997.