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    The LISD Guidance and Counseling Department, with the input of other critical departments, has created the Middle School Educational Planning Guide (MS EPG) as an ONLINE resource for students, parents, and staff. We hope this guide will assist your family when planning your child's secondary education.


    Middle School Guide Introduction


    Middle School is an opportune time to begin more rigorous course work. Students will also have an opportunity to explore a variety of enrichment classes that could lead to possible career paths in the near future. As you go through the selection process, consider taking classes that will challenge you to be a learner as well as help you learn life skills you will use when you are in high school and postsecondary. This planning guide is for you to plan the next three years in middle school AND to see what lies ahead for high school.


    Due to different needs and staff availability, there may be some courses that are not offered on every middle school campus. The counselors on your middle school campus will provide this information to you when you go through the enrollment process.


    While in middle school you will also have the opportunity to take some high school level classes that are awarded high school credit. This will allow you to have more flexibility in your high school schedule and may give you a chance to take more courses that are related to your future career path. Lewisville ISD offers many ways for you to be prepared for a productive, successful adult life.


    Included in this guide is a High School Supplement with information relevant to high school offerings on the middle school campus and important information that may impact courses you choose in middle school. It is also helpful to see how credit is awarded in high school and how grades are used to calculate grade point averages. All of the information provided is to assist you in setting goals for your future.