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  • By the fall of the senior year in high school, the shopping for a college should stop and the applying should begin. Many selective colleges and universities have fall deadlines. Others may have deadlines late in the spring, or may even continue taking applications through the summer. ALWAYS check the actual website of the college you want to apply to for the most accurate admission deadline and requirements! 


    Below are some helpful resources:


    GENERATION TEXAS is a community-based movement that provides Texas students, families, and their communities with the encouragement, knowledge resources, and support that they need to get on and stay on the path to college and career education beyond high school. Specifically, Generation TX seeks to increase awareness of and support for the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards; to clarify the processes of applying for college admission and financial aid; and to develop a commitment among stakeholders to create a college-going culture in Texas. The initial two years of Generation TX is funded by $3 million from a federal College Access Challenge Grant. Go to:


    Resources for Undocumented Students


    College for All Texans includes resources on preparing for, applying for and funding higher education, including information for adult and military students.

    Go to: 



    Higher Education Connection Newsletter

    Go to:


    If applying to public supported colleges in Texas (also known as state schools), one application can work for all. Go to: 


    When applying to private colleges throughout the United States, many accept the common application. Go to:


    *Most colleges publish their application for admission directly on their website. ALWAYS go directly to the source when trying to find information about a college.


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