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  • High School Course Description Guide (CDG) Introduction

    Planning a four-year high school program is a serious undertaking. Although many of your courses will be determined by the graduation plan you select, you will still have many other choices to make during your years of school. The courses you select will be guided largely by your plans for the future. Will you continue your education in college or in a trade or technical school? Do you want to learn a career skill in order to enter the full-time work force immediately after school? Are you interested in a technical field?

    Are you thinking of entering a profession that requires many years of specialized education? The answers to these questions are extremely important for making decisions about your course selections for all four years in high school. These answers should also be guided by your interests and abilities. Some students are sure of their future plans; others are still deciding. It is also common for young people to change their minds about which career to choose. For this reason, it is important for you to plan as challenging a program as you can. If your career plans should change, then it will not be as difficult to move into another program. While it may sometimes seem tempting to schedule a less demanding combination of courses, choosing courses that meet your needs or interests is the best way to prepare for your future.

    LISD offers you many ways to prepare for a productive adult life—to increase the likelihood that you will realize your future goals. The district’s high schools and career centers provide a wide range of programs that prepare students for post-high school experiences: college, business school, technical school, military service, fine arts participation, full-time employment, and other areas. The programs offered allow a student to choose the high school program best for him/her, whether that program is the traditional college preparatory, tech-prep, or career preparatory program. Outlined on the following pages are the graduation requirements for each of the state's possible graduation programs (minimum, recommended high school, and distinguished achievement programs).

    Immediately following the presentation of possible graduation plans are descriptions of all courses offered, with accompanying information about prerequisites and grade level placement. We strongly urge you to give the attention to planning for high school that its importance deserves. By planning wisely, you can create the future that is most appropriate for you.

    Please use the link below to view the complete LISD High School CDG in English or Spanish for the 2017-2018 school year.


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