• LISD STEM Academy

    What is the LISD STEM Academy?

    The LISD STEM Academy @ Donald Elementary is a school choice program for parents in Lewisville ISD. At the LISD STEM Academy students will learn all of the foundational curriculum as in other schools including PE, Art, Music.  The STEM Academy program will be different in that it will provide Engineering instruction every day for every student. The Academy program will also provide an integrated STEM curriculum in which students will learn content through project-based learning experiences.  To experience this program, students will be required to transfer from their home campus to Donald Elementary.

    How is the STEM Academy campus different from a non-STEM Academy campus?

    There are two major differences between a STEM Academy campus and a non-STEM Academy Campus:

    • STEM Academy campuses will provide instruction in engineering every day for every student.
    • STEM Academy campuses will integrate STEM practices into all instructional areas creating an integrated STEM program that students will experience all day long. 

    What grade levels will be at the LISD STEM Academy?

    Year 1- Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

    Year 2- Kindergarten- 4th Grade

    Year 3- Kindegarten- 5th Grade

    Which campuses in LISD have the LISD STEM Academy program?

    Donald Elementary- Opened August 2018

    Polser Elementary- Opening August 2019

    Valley Ridge Elementary - Opening August 2019

    Do I have to fill out an application to transfer to the STEM Academy campus?

    Yes! Space for transfer students to the STEM Academy is limited. Parents must attend an information meeting and fill out an application to transfer to the STEM Academy. Students will be selected based on a radomized selection process of all applicants that submit an application by the designated deadline. 

    What will be the school hours for the STEM Academy campus?

    The instructional hours for the STEM Academy will be 7:45 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.  This is a school day extension by 25 minutes and will allow for additional STEM learning experiences during the school day.  

    What will my students learn at the STEM Academy?

    STEM practices will be integrated into all of the core content areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as special areas such as physical education, art, and music. In addition, students will experience additional instruction in engineering, robotics, computer programming, and career exploration.

    Do I have to fill out an application to the STEM Academy campus if my student is currently enrolled in a STEM Academy campus?

    No, all students currently enrolled at the STEM Academy campus will remain enrolled and experience STEM programming unless they opt out of the program by following district transfer guidelines and transfer to an alternate campus.