• Syllabus

    (Information is subject to change)

    Ms Kienzlen 6th/7th/8th Grade

    English Language Arts Resource Room 123


    Welcome! I am happy to have your child in my class. To make this a fun and successful year, I am providing you with some important information concerning the English Language Arts/Reading class and my classroom expectations.

    Course Purpose :

    English Language Arts is a critical course for academic success. The components of reading and writing cut across all academic subject areas. The purpose of this course is for all of my students to develop the English language arts skills necessary to succeed in this course as well as all academic courses in the future.

    Goals and Objectives :

    The goal of this course is that all students will develop mastery of/toward grade level language arts standards while meeting the individual education plans (IEPs) of each student using grade level content/material along with Special Education curriculum.

    Course Requirements :

    Reading comprehension is the indicator of future success in education. The only way for that skill to develop is through consistent practice. English Language Arts students will be expected to read a number of works of literature during the year.

    Expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive essays will be a focus as well. Students will have journals in which they will have opportunities to write about a chosen prompt or whatever subject they choose.

    Parental support plays a key role in the success of these students. Students should expect to maintain a minimum grade average of 70% .

    Major Rule : Students will act in such a way as not to disrupt their learning or the learning of others in the class.

    Guidelines to Success :

    1. A lways try

    2. B e responsible

    3. C ooperate with others

    4. D o your best

    5. E veryone is treated with respect

    Expectations :

    1. Students will arrive on time to class with all materials.

    2. Students will keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.

    3. Students will follow directions the first time they are given.

    4. Students will use positive language.

    5. Students will stay on task during all work times.

    6. Students will talk only when appropriate.

    Consequences :

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Last to leave class

    3. Hallway/Private Discussion

    4. Time owed after class

    5. Behavior Self Reflection

    6. Detention

    7. Parent Contact

    8. Office Referral

    If infraction is severe, steps 1-5 may be skipped. Parents and the office will be notified when the teacher feels it is necessary to do so in order to maintain positive classroom management.

    Basic Expectations :

    1. Please come straight to class. Do not stand by my door and socialize. Once you come in, read and follow any directions on the whiteboard. You MUST be seated when class begins. If you are not ready to begin then you are late.

    2. I strongly encourage that you use the restroom during your passing period. Do not ask to use the restroom while I am speaking or if we are in the middle of an activity. Try to wait until the class is working silently.

    3. When class time is over, I will dismiss the class. Please DO NOT start packing up until I tell you to. When you are told to pack up, please make sure that you take everything with you and clean up around your area.

    Tardy Policy :
    You must be in your seat when the bell rings, otherwise you are considered tardy. Each

    time that you are tardy to class you will be asked to go to the tardy table. Grading Policy :

    Major Grades (projects, tests, 9 weeks tests, etc) 50% Minor Grades (SSW, daily work, group work, discussion, journal writing, etc) 50%

    One of the best tools to use during the school year in order to keep current on your child’s grade is the Skyward gradebook. You can access this program via LISD’s website: www.lisd.net

    Absent Work Policy :

    It is the student’s responsibility to get the work they missed while they were absent. Students should come talk to me the day they return for missed work.

    Self-Sustained Reading (Reader’s Workshop)

    You will have time Monday through Thursday to read at the beginning of the class period. This is a time for you to read to yourself, working on those skills to improve your reading deficits. Y ou must bring your own book with you to class every day.

    Rules of SSR

    1. Students must read for the entire assigned time in order to get credit for that time.

    2. You may not do homework, read material for another class, or read textbooks.

    3. You may not talk or disturb others.

    4. Students will write in their journal about their reading at the end of the

      reading time.

    5. You must have your book every day.

    6. Reading Workshop is not a time to leave class to go to the bathroom or get a drink. You have plenty of time to take care of all of these things between classes.

    Supplies for Reading Class :
    Every class period students need to bring the following items:

    *Library Book (their own choice) to read *Pen/pencil/Paper

    Tutoring Times :

    I am available for tutoring before school most days, 8:30am-8:55 am. I am also available for tutoring after school by appointment only , on Mon, Tues & Thurs. (I have after school duty the other days.)

    Contact Information :

    E-mail : kienzlenlk@lisd.net (e-mail is the fastest and most convenient way for me to be able to respond to your immediate needs).
    Phone : 972-713-5974 ext. 2841 (leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible).