• ESD Payment Plan Procedures

    If you select the monthly or quarterly payment plan, ALL remaining installments will be collected by automatic draft via credit card or checking account.

    The tuition installments will be drafted on the first business day of the month according to the ESD tuition due date schedule. See below.

    The parent authorization for the auto drafting form must be returned to your ESD accounting clerk to complete your registration.

    • Forms are submitted electronically; please use the link sent by your ESD accounting clerk  

    If you qualify for the LISD Employee Tuition rate, you also have the option to choose a payroll deduction. Please note you are responsible for paying the first installment and registration fee at the time of registration. The subsequent installments will be deducted from your paycheck beginning September 20 through April 20. Please complete the Employee Payroll Deduction Form.


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