• Biotechnology, 2 Credits
    Grade 10-12
    Prerequisite: Biology and co-enrollment with or completion of Chemistry
    Offered at Career Center East only

    89771800 Biotechnology  (BT) - One Science Credit

    An introduction to the field of biotechnology including applications of biotechnology in molecular biology, biochemistry, research, bioethics, and laboratory practices in a safe, regulated environment. The course is supplemented with exciting hands-on laboratory exercises, and real world research and industry applications which enable the student to master basic skills needed for working in a biotechnology lab. These skills include: selecting and using appropriate lab equipment; preparing concentration, stock, and molarity solutions; safe handling of hazardous material; nucleic acid isolation; and analysis using restriction enzymes (electrophoresis).

    89771801 Biotechnology (BT)  - One Science Credit

    Continues the work from Biotechnology I by expanding the development of lab skills. Application emphasis moves to the study of proteins. An in class model biotechnology protein processing facility is developed. Special opportunities are included to explore bioengineering. Students Identify potential DNA protein products to take to market. Additional analytical tools for biotechnology such as the spectrophotometer are incorporated in the labs. This has been designated as an Advanced Science course by SBOE.