• English II GT

    Fall 2017


    November2017 through January 2018


    We will be actively engaged in daily reading, writing, discussion, and thinking. We will be practicing and building our skills in the areas of

    - analytical and persuasive writing

    - synthesis of literature and poetry

    - personal writing

    - revising and editing


    We will continue identifying and writing about the effects of literary elements in fiction and poetry, as well as exploring the author's purpose in fiction and non-fiction , and the tools they use to accomplish this purpose. We will also practice writing persuasively, and revising and editing our writing in our constant quest for improvement. We will start a multi-genre project on the subject of survival, which will culminate in a presentation.

    For details of each unit, please access my Schoology website, where handouts and the Powerpoint slides for each unit can be found.